Valorant: Riot gives clues about the new character revealing his name and one of the skills

Riot Games could have given the first clues about the name and skills of the new Valorant agent through an ‘Easter Egg’ included in the last patch.
Everything indicates that the countdown for the launch has already begun.

The launch campaign of the new Valorant character has officially started. So far everything Riot Games had done was to publish a tweet that already seemed to confirm the launch of what agent 21 will be, but the developer has stepped on the accelerator thoroughly after the last update. We refer to the introduction of patch 5.07, which has introduced many clues on the game on the premiere of an agent whose real name would be Arum Basra, although according to the leaks in the game it would be known as Mage.

Riot’s slopes about Valorant’s new agent

The clues about the new agent are available for all players accessing the practice of the practice tool. There we will find Cypher at the entrance of a room where a computer is located. There, simply by pressing the interact key, we can see an image that had not appeared so far in the video game and listen to an intercepted conversation about two soldiers who speak of what seems to be the new character.


From the image is where we can get the first conclusions about the skills of the new agent, since a Aquatic wall is shown that does not correspond to any existing spell in the video game. If you do with the previous Riot Games tracks, which pointed out that this character was part of the category of controllers and would have water-related skills. In this sense, it is a matter of adding two and two. Everything is said, Valorant developers could be putting a bait.

Of course, Riot Games has not commented anything about it. The objective of the developer is for the entire community to continue elucidating and theorizing about the new agent to give a true blow of effect in its publication. The expected launch date is next October 18 when act 3 of episode 5 of Valorant begins.

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