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Yes, the terrible season will begin!
The Wacky Wizards Halloween event arrived again, and with it an exclusive, limited Halloween pumpkin 2022 Ingr?

Yes, the terrible season will begin! The Wacky Wizards Halloween event arrived again, and with it an exclusive, limited time Halloween pumpkin 2022 ingredient. In addition, several cemeteries, piles of sugar corn and fan-beloved fans were added with this Halloween update-treats or treats! To learn more about all these functions and how to unlock the Halloween pumpkin 2022, continue to read below.

How to unlock the Halloween pumpkin 2022 in Wacky Wizards

To unlock the ingredient of the Halloween pumpkin 2022, you need to earn 1800 sweets and purchase it in Horseman with your head . Unfortunately, unlike most ingredients at Wacky Wizards, this one cannot be found on the map-the only way to get it is to spend sweets.

How to quickly make sweets in Wacky Wizards

There are three ways to collect sweets during Halloween 2022: scare non-game characters, defeat zombies and find pieces on the map. Each of these methods is described in detail below.

Victory over the zombie

Three cemeteries are scattered on the Wacky Wizards map; Inside these cemeteries tons of zombies, which you can kill for Wendi! Every time you kill a zombie, a small amount of sweets falls out of it, and another zombie appears in its place. To quickly destroy the zombies, we recommend using flamethrower potions .

Search on the map

When you run around the map, follow the giant floating candies-these are the hidden sweets that you are looking for! Although these sweets are growing slowly, in the end they will again appear in a new place. If you fall into the bulk of the collection of sweets, every piece of the candy that you choose will cost more than the previous 1. Without a strip (if you assemble them here and there) everyone will cost only one .

bats NPC

Looking for a way to collect sweets more mischievous? Try your strength to scare some NPCs on the map! To scare NPC, just create a potion corresponding to his fear on the board of fear, go to him with a potion in your hand and drink it in front of him. Below is a list of each frightening potion:

Fear of discos *-Dissonance Potion (Dismal)
Fear of zombie -zombie potion (brain)
Fear of bees -honey potions (chili + honey)
Fear of noodles *-Laps hi potion (pool noodles)
Fear of fart -spraying potion (rotten sandwich)
Fear of spiders -a potion of a spider for a pet (spider + a token of a pet)
Fear of fish *-Cabala potion (fish)
Fear of aliens -Alien Potion (Alien Parasite)
Fear of witches -broom potion (witch decoction + fairy)
Fear of explosions *-explosive potions (dynamite)
Fear of warts *-warty potion (spider)


According to Headed Horseman, from that moment until November 2, 2022, the intimidation board will be updated every day with new NPCs, which you can scare. You can scare NPC once a day, and for each fright you will receive at least 20 sweets!


This is all the information that we currently have about updating Wacky Wizards Halloween 2022. As mentioned above, this update ends November 2, 2022 So do not forget to take this candy while it is here!

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