Memories with the youngest Itsuki, 5 divisions of bridal VR games.

The player becomes the main character, Uesugi Futaro, and spends his daily life with Itsuki.
The scenes in the comics are implemented as a full voice VR, interacting with Itsuki, sharing various conversations and changing facial expressions and behaviors

A VR game based on a five-part bride of popular cartoons was released on the 13th through Steam and Meta Quest Store.


The game was released this time is ‘Five Bride’s Memories VR Mitsuki’. You can experience the memories of Navajo’s five twins in VR, and works that deal with the stories of four other heroines will be released later.

The player becomes the main character, Design Future, and spends his daily life with Mitsuki. Mitsuki’s ambassador was embodied in full voice, interacting with Mitsuki, having various conversations and watching expressions and behavior changes. You can also see three different endings depending on your options. However, because the operation is limited, it is said that it seems to be watching VR interactive animation rather than a game.

The five-part bride’s Memories VR It sky supports valve indexes, Oculus lifts, and HTC vibe, and the price is 32,900 won. It supports Japanese voice, and subtitles are written only in English and Japanese.

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