You can ask a real pizza from Oblivion! ? A unique mod that you can order from a clerk wearing cheese armor

Order delicious pizza from Oblivion!
In addition, it is not available in Japan …

Bethesda Soft works’ RPG Oblivion (THE ELDER SCROLLS IV: Oblivion) distributes a MOD that can order Domino’s Pizza in the real world.

Nickles’ Sizable distributed in Nexus Mods can order pizza in Oblivion when introduced. It can only be used in the United States due to the specifications, but if it is introduced, an NPC called Nickles Black, which wears a brushed cheese pattern armor in the map, will appear, and if you talk and order, you will actually receive pizza. Increase.


It seems that the order cannot be customized, but in the initial state, a set of 12 inches (30.48 cm) ultra-churi spy raft fabric pizza, garlic bread twist, and lemon tea, a total of $28.23. I am.

To use a mod, you need to enter your credit card information in the file contained in the mod. It is unknown whether there is a security problem, but the explanation is Please use MOD at your own risk. There seems to be other software that requires introduction.

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