Rainbow Six: W7M and Team Liquid leave BRR6 and now they will face the grand final

Very closed battles were those that were lived during the semifinals of the Brazilian League where only two squads could get ahead.

After several contests where the Brazilian teams had to demonstrate their best skills with the operators we arrive at the semifinals that will define the two best teams in this region in the last tournament of the year, there are only two more battles that will define things for the phase Final who is about to play to find the champion team that will look for his pass to the international.

During the first series we have W7M eSports against fury in a duel that started in Café where we saw things quite moved because neither team would give up round by sending up to an overtime where ENTRY would be the executioner From the situation to fall to the rivals getting an impact too good to take the first victory in favor of the fury team.

Following in Arranha-Céu the contest became more tense because Head showed his presence within the contest giving power to the bulls to start making rounds fall in his favor that gave them a good opportunity to advance on the scoreboard, the W7M squad takes the lead and manages to make the difference they need to tie the series and send to a third map.

Reaching Chalet With things couples we see that both squads do not want To show your best tools to give important points for W7M, the fury squad could not put your hands in the game and the bulls marked 2-1 in the series.

For the second semifinal we have Team Liquid before Team One on a map of Macao , we see a favorable round for the liquid equipment that has on its side to Nesquik that manages to set the bases for them, the squad One reacted to get the balance a little, but the power of the cavalry would have the strength to make the rivals fall and take the first point in the series.

In the second map we have ** Chile In a good way, the rounds are gradually turned to TL that leave their opponents far behind to be able to take the victory and pass the final.

After two very exciting meetings we have the two Brazilian teams to play the last championship of the year, the W7M Esports and Team Liquid squad will be in a confrontation that will define the best team in the region, in face the last international tournament where only the best can fight for the maximum glory of this event to crown the maximum champion in the Major.

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