PS5 monopoly and finger training game Finger Fitness landed in Japan. Haptic feedback and adaptive trigger with finger macho

Game Studio Tern ox seems to launch Finger Fitness in Japan. Developer announcements and trailers have the release date on October 20, but in PS Store, it will be released on November 20, and it will be released soon.

Finger Fitness is a training game. The compatible platform is PS5. It is a PS5 console monopoly title. In this work, players train their fingers by playing various mini-games. As the name suggests, finger fitness. It is unknown about detailed gameplay, but it seems that he will boldly enter using both fingers. It is compatible with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which will give you a three-dimensional effect on the input of your finger.

Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to just enter, and if you keep using your finger, you will be overworked and will not move, so you need to adjust it well. By inputting, in-game money can accumulate, and it seems that you can use the money to increase the efficiency of input and stamina. For items that flow occasionally, enter the corresponding button to get additional money. It may be designed like a kind of clicker game.

Tern ox is a game studio based in Ukraine. One of the development members has been working on small works such as Peoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes. He seems to have a lot of thoughts in Japan, and is currently developing a stock sim set in the bubble period Japan. The published trailer is also a light sound Japanese song, which may be a hobby of Tern ox.

Finger Fitness was released overseas in November last year. The voice received was not to be trained, but just an impression that you can get cheaper and easy platinumatrofies. It is no longer a game than a game. Will the Japanese version be a similar trophy setting?

Finger Fitness will be released on October 20 or November 20 for domestic PS5.

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