LOL: The perfect play to humiliate one of the champions most hated by the community

Zed is one of the most hated champions by the League of Legends community.
A frustrating character that nobody wants to face from which a player who got a perfect and humiliating play against his rival has been avenged.

Zed is the most hated champion by League of Legends players. Although if we only pay attention to the most skilled community members, the obvious response would be Yuri , the truth is that the central lane accumulates a much higher bane rate (44.9%) if we take into account all the video game ranges. Facing him is true torture, and we cannot blame those who think that the best way to escape his death mark is preventing the character from appearing in departure. However, prohibiting it does not leave as good taste as humiliate it in the invoked crack.

A revenge on behalf of the League of Legends community

After trying to counteract Zed by choosing Cassandra in the champions’ selection phase, a player had to live the situation that no member of the League of Legends community wants to face. The murderer of the shadows appeared out of nowhere in the upper lane (Annie was Top Lane) with eight casualties in his private account and two more levels. Everything invited to think about the obvious outcome : One more to the particular account of the MID LATER and to continue trying to carry out the game. However, if we are talking about the action it is because it did not end as it seemed.

Annie’s sequence of actions is perfect. Having spent his passive with the wave of subjects, he did not have many tools. However, it is fought from the enemy’s first blows thanks to the e (molten shield) and the bone covering . For more INRI, use a Honda with which we can only dream to avoid the damage inflicted by the Rune to electrocute its enemy and a basic attack that had already begun its animation. All this, after having already launched his partner Timbers to reduce the health of the rival. So far everything was perfect, but there was still the most difficult.

Seeing how he went to Zed, he could not receive the impact of any skill, a situation that our new favorite player resolved perfectly. Tiring League of Legends, launched the flash at the precise moment . There is hardly a second fraction between which the enemy appears and launches his skills. Despite the difficulty, dodge all the blows to end the easy with a combo of W (incineration), q (disintegration) and belt. The play is worthy of a League of Legends professional, but to end the surprises, it took place in a game whose average level was Platinum 3.


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