Disco Elysium – The Final Cut: Lawsuit against ZA/Around sent

As can be seen from an access from the Estonian Court database, Robert Kurvitz, one of the authors of Nightclub Elysium, submitted a lawsuit.

Robert Kurtz, one of the writers of the surprise struck Nightclub Elysium, has actually filed a lawsuit against ZA/around on behalf of his business Telomere Of.
At the start of October, author Martin Luigi introduced in an article that four participants of the growth team had already left the studio at the end of 2021.
Robert Kurtz, Helen Hinder as well as Aleksandr Rostov and also he himself did not go voluntarily, as Luigi discussed.


In a meeting with Pressure, he said: It took place at the end of last year.
They were launched under false motivations, and also the entire ordeal was shocking for both them and also individuals close to them.
The lawsuit is detailed on the official website of the Estonian court.
It is for that reason at an extremely beginning.
Details and files from ZA/UM are gotten.
Much more in-depth details concerning what it is around are not yet available.
Much, ZA/UM has actually not commented on the layoffs or the lawsuit.

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