Lenovo Korea provides 7th generation experience opportunities for gaming PCs with overwhelming performance G -Star 2022

Lenovo (CEO Kim Yoon-ho) will participate in the international game exhibition ‘G-STAR 2022’ held in BEXCO, Busan for four days from 17th to 20th.
Last year, Lenovo Korea is a leading company for service and solutions?

Lenovo (CEO Kim Poncho) will participate in the international game exhibition ‘G-STAR 2022’ held in BEX CO, Susan for four days from 17th to 20th.

Lenovo Korea, a leading company for service and solutions, is the only global PC manufacturer this year, and is the only global PC manufacturer. The smarter technology for everyone will show how people are changing how to enjoy life and leisure.

This year, ‘Region 7i’, ‘Region Slim 7i’, ‘Region 5i Pro’, ‘Region 5i’. 5 kinds of laptops such as ‘IdeaPad Gaming 3i’ and desktop products ‘Region T5I’ are innovative products that provide users with ultimate gaming performances and support all the functions necessary for personal time and work at the same time. It’s an opportunity to feel it yourself.

We also prepared a variety of events and exhibitions for booth visitors. The Lenovo Region Experience Zone, which consists of a total of three zones, will hold various events and exhibitions for visitors. First, in the PC experience zone, you will enjoy various high-end games, experience the 7th generation of regions and complete the mission, and you will receive a 1-month free pass for Xbox PC GAME PASS. In the exhibition zone, you can see the innovative technical skills of the region, including the best TGP (Total Graphics Power) and the overwhelming heating control technology, Legion Cold front 4.0. In addition, in the Homer Game Zone, there is a game mission that allows you to experience the TGP with a strong performance of the Lenovo Region.

In addition, Lenovo will show various events as the official sponsor of the 2022 season of F1 (Formula 1). In the experience zone in the F1 photo zone, you can leave a ‘life shot’, and the official F1 clutch will be presented when completing the Homer Game Zone ‘TGP Hammer Game’ mission for the success of ‘Lap Time’ of the PC Experience Zone.

Kim Lunch, CEO of Lenovo, Korea, said, I am happy to be able to participate in G-Star, which has returned to the full body in three years. We have prepared a variety of fun for the booth visitors. Especially through the corona period, the experience, which is directly felt by the skin, has emerged as a major keyword to capture the hearts of customers. Therefore, we will actively communicate with our customers by conducting product experiences, exhibitions, and various events so that customers can realize the differentiated gaming experiences of the premium PC region. In addition, Kim Lunch said, Lenovo is aiming for a customer-oriented business, and is always listening to the voice of the gaming community to create a gaming device that can meet customer’s needs for productivity and entertainment in a new hybrid environment. I added.

The 7th generation of Region, which can be found in the Lenovo Region Experience Zone, is a stable and powerful gaming performance with the latest Intel 12th generation processor and Lenovo’s fever control system, Legion Cold front 4.0. Hardware innovation offers the best premium PC experience.

The Lenovo Region Experience Zone is installed in the BTC (Entertainment) first exhibition hall, Ben Booth. Other details can be found on the Lenovo Region Facebook and t Brand page.

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