Dark Souls Remastered PC version of online service. Connect to the road run for the first time in about 10 months and return

From Software announced on November 9 about the recovery of the PC version dark souls remastered online service.

The Dark Soul series is a popular action RPG handled by From Software. All the series include a system that enables multiplayer cooperation and competition. However, on January 22 this year, an overseas community reported that there was a security problem in the Dark Souls III PC version. This report spread quickly, and the developer From Software is quick. Game servers such as the PC version dark souls remastered, Dark Souls II, and Dark Souls III were suspended, and vulnerabilities were investigated and responded.

The Dark Souls III was restored on August 25, and the multi-play function was revived. The PC version Dark Souls II SCHOLAR OF THE FIRST SIN has resumed online service of 64-bit OS compatible 64-bit OS version, which will be a high-spec version on October 25 (related article 1, related article 2).

And this time, Dark Souls: Remastered also announced about online service recovery. The survey and response have been completed, and the game server has been restored on November 9 and the online service has been resumed.

On the other hand, the PC version Dark Souls II (DX9) and Dark Souls II School of the First Sin (DX9) are continuing to respond. As soon as it is restored, it will be guided at any time. The PC version of Dark Souls PREPARE TO DIE EDITION was announced on October 25 that the online service support was ended due to aging of the system. If you want to play the first Dark Soul PC version online, you should play dark souls remastered, which has been restored by the online service.

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