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Santa Monica talks about an important decision at the end of Ragnarok

Bruno Velázquez, animation director of God of War Ragnarok, tells us about an important decision that was made for the end of the game.

In a game as focused on the narrative as God of War: Ragnarök _, it may be difficult to give the player a satisfactory conclusion. While this has its own problems in the narrative, also presents us with a playful issue related to when to take control of users . This is an issue that we did to Bruno Velázquez, animation director of God of War Ragnarök, in an interview.

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk to Velázquez about different aspects of god of War: Ragnarök, and one of the questions we asked him is related to the end of the game. Neglect, we do not talk about Spoilers, but about the decision to continue with the adventure, even after ending the story . This was what he told us:

For us, it is always important to offer options to all players. There are some who are satisfied to see how the main story ends, but we were always thinking about once the adventure ends.


Personally, whenever we finish a game, the story ends, we may like it a lot, and we want to continue, and we wanted to Go ahead, face more difficult enemies, and expand the history of the characters. It is something that I personally like, because different dialogues were also recorded depending on when you do extra missions.

That’s why we wanted to offer more options, to follow the adventure, and the main story is not over, that was very important for us.

As you can see, it was chosen to simply let the player continue to enjoy the adventure, even if the end was already achieved. However, it seems that the best, from a narrative perspective, is to end all optional tasks before defeating the final boss . In related issues, this was what Bruno Velázquez told us about the extension of the game. Similarly, you can check our God of War review: Ragnarök here.

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