[Interview] Restoration like a dragon! Fun, optimal introductory game

Sega Publishing Korea is the latest series ‘Dragon’ on the 9th like a dragon!
The media interview was conducted to introduce the latest information of the drama (hereinafter referred to as Yushin! Drama).
In the interview on this day,

Sega Publishing Korea is the latest series ‘Dragon’ on the 9th like a dragon! The media interview was conducted to introduce the latest information of the drama (hereinafter referred to as Austin! Drama).

In the interview, the interview was held in the interview with Masayoshi Yokohama and Hirobumi Nakamoto of the studio, and Austin! Starting with the introduction of the main appeal point of the play, the use of Unreal Engine 4, which was used instead of the dragon engine, the reason why the Austin was selected as a remake title, and other spin-off titles ‘Kenyan!’ I could hear it.

‘Restoration with a dragon! The drama is a new film that remakes the second era of the series, ‘Restoration like a dragon!’ The stage of the work is characterized by the fact that Kyoto, the end of the shogunate, appears as Nakamoto Yuma, a swordsman of the Kazuma, the main character of the series. Armed with the graphics and contents of the ‘pole’ quality ‘,’ Austin ‘as a dragon that is released as a next generation platform! The drama will be officially released on February 22, 2023.

■ New work that can be enjoyed with ‘play’ quality
Q. I think it is the ‘abduction’ series that provides another fun to those who have enjoyed the series like the existing dragon. Like a dragon, I first entered through 7, and I don’t have any memories of Kirk Karma’s character, and this Austin! What do you think is the main appeal point of the game that can be introduced to users who are the first to enter the drama?

Yokohama Masayoshi CEO (hereinafter referred to as Yokohama) = ‘Austin! The drama is the story of Nakamoto Yuma, not Kirk Karma, and it is an original story that is different from the series. Of course, it is true that Kirk Karma brought the character or image of the character, but I don’t think anyone who doesn’t know the contact with the original, like a dragon, doesn’t understand it. Naturally, after playing the series like a dragon, you can have fun with the Austin! If possible, I hope to play and play as a completely new title.

Q. The last ‘play’ title has changed the system through the remake, and the content has been organized or added. ‘Restoration! Can I expect this change in the drama?

Producer Nakamoto Hirobumi (hereinafter referred to as Nakamoto) = ‘Drama’, so it is not just a graphic remake, but a variety of additional content elements. There is an important thing when using the name ‘drama’ inside, and it is the mind that ‘add new content to add new content and make a game with the highest satisfaction that you can enjoy in that era!’ New work ‘Austin! The drama also appeared in addition to the characters that appeared after zero, and the introduction of Daemon cards in the existing battle system was made to feel new strategies and fun.

Q. Can you expect the addition of the new story that was not in the original?

Nakamoto = The main story side, which is the center, was produced in the direction of emphasizing the original appearance without any additional changes. But in the substory, ‘Austin! There are first contents that are added for the first time. New characters that have not been met in the original will be available in the substory.

Q. I wonder why I chose Austin as a very title instead of the previous Kenyan rather than Austin. Kenyan’s remake also has a lot of fans, but can I expect it to be done someday?

Yokohama = There were a lot of requests from overseas fans who wanted to remake. When I left the two titles: Kenyan and Austin, I thought that Austin was a work with completion in several parts than Kenyan as it was released later, and when I said that I had to show one of the two games abroad, select Restoration naturally. I did.

If you try to remake Kenyan with the latest technology and environment, you will be completely made from the bottom. In terms of effort, there is no big difference from making a complete new work, so personally, I think it’s better to create a complete work than to remake the previous work.

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of questions about whether Kenyan’s remake is still coming in. If there is a request from fans all over the world to sell it very well or want to see Kenyan as an extreme quality, there is no possibility.

Q. ‘Restoration! In the drama, I said that I expanded the Daemon Card system, but I wonder how much it is on how to acquire and gameplay.

Nakamoto = Basically, there is a way to clear each member’s subway, or to pay and scout at the Shins eon headquarters. Of course, it grows using Daemon Card and fights with stronger enemies. It can be said to be the main game play of the drama, but you can’t have all crew cards from the beginning. In the same way as growing the ability of the main character or strengthening weapons, it is good to understand if the Daemon card is one of the many ways to become stronger. It is one of the many options that can be considered to take down the boss.

Q. Like the previous dragon, I enjoyed the company’s management system very fun in 7. Is there a sub content that becomes a key money-making, like the previous work, CASA Corporation or Water Business Ireland?

Nakamoto = There is no big simulation content for making money. But ‘Austin! In the drama, you can enjoy the unique mode of Austin, ‘Another Life’. There are a variety of unique play spots that are not available in other series, such as making and selling vegetables by making cooking or harvesting vegetables.

Q. The original ‘Austin Town like a dragon!’ Was a game that was quite difficult to acquire trophy. On the other hand, the latest work, ‘7’, was very easy to acquire trophy. ‘Restoration! Which is close to?

Nakamoto = ‘Austin! In the drama, the trophy difficulty adjustment was adjusted. It was a reputation for the difficulty of acquiring trophy, which was difficult to obtain the original Restoration. In the new work, it was adjusted with the appropriate difficulty, so look forward to this.

Q. ‘Restoration! In the drama, I used an Unreal Engine instead of a dragon engine for a better visual. I wonder if I plan to use Unreal Engine and Dragon Engine in the future.

Yokohama = I’m really satisfied. Unreal Engine is an engine with a particularly excellent light expression. Austin is a work that depicts an old era where lighting technology has not developed. When expressing the architectural structure at the time, the lighting function of Unreal Engine was used mainly, and realistic graphic expressions were possible.

There were also voices that developers inside the team also wanted to use Unreal Engine, and this work also made it clear that the lack of Unreal Engine and the excellent dragon engine. This process has gone through this process, so I think it will be able to further strengthen its own engine, Dragon Engine. There is no confirmation of whether to use Unreal Engine for future projects, but we plan to study two engines together in the development process. Through these tasks, I think we can create new values and expect a synergistic effect.

Q. Restoration! I wonder why I have announced three new series of new series from the play to the 7th, like the dragon, and the dragon.

Yokohama = In fact, like a dragon in October last year, ‘Austin! The development of the development of the drama could be announced. However, it was somewhat resisting to make the first title that was released after the announcement of the new body as a remake title. The first title to be announced after the change of the stay was also thought to be a completely new title, and three titles were announced at the same time to give certain impacts and trust and trust in new structures.

Q. Did the use of Unreal Engine also affect three new title simultaneous development?

Yokohama = The use of Unreal Engine did not have a big impact. All three, like a dragon, are projects that run inside a large studio called studio, and I don’t think it’s so amazing because there are many developers who participate in three projects at the same time. Of course, others from outside say, ‘It’s great, it’s crazy’, but it’s a very everyday movement inside.

Q. Austin! The play was the first series of PCs and console plates to be released at the same time. Like the dragon that is scheduled to be released in the future, we can expect 8 degrees like the 7th, like the dragon!

Nakamoto = Previously, the Japanese version was first made, and the global version was released through the localization process, which takes about half to a year. However, after zero, the number of overseas fans has increased a lot after zero, and since then, I have been thinking that we should prepare for the world simultaneously and multi-platform. Since then, the title to be released is also the world’s simultaneous release.

Q. As the series is added to the subscription service like a dragon, there are a lot of users who enjoy it.

Yokohama = The number of users has increased since it was added to the subscription service. Business

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