LOL: Riot reveals changes to all Zeri skills

After several months of work, Riot Games announced all the changes that Zeri will go through in the one who promises to be his definitive Rework

The shooter Zero eventually became the big problem with League of Legends during season 12.

Its excessively frustrating mechanics, good performance in professional game and unconventional items have led the character to more than a dozen-back adjustments that Riot Games has decided to cut it.


Contrary to what they often defend, the developers made her one of the most criticized characters in the game, making it virtually uncomfortable and promising a rework that was finally announced.

The definitive Rework of Zero

Without altering the visual aspect of their spells, all Zero’s skills will change, and their basic statistics will also change.

The champion will work very similar to today, as the goal of Riot Games is to maintain the characteristics that make it unique.

However, adjustments have been added that promise to give it much more expressive weaknesses for a long time. Among them, it stands out the reduction of the range of your Q. This false basic attack suffered an attack reduction from 825 to 750 so that rivals can predict it.

The key to these changes in Zero is in the adjustments of your Ultimate, which are probably the hardest to understand. League of Legends developers have divided this skill into two parts that will be measured differently.

  • Part 1 Passive Activation: Passive bonuses (area damage and accumulation overload) of ability are immediately activated by pressing R, generating a time bank that begins with a countdown of 5 seconds; 1.5 seconds for the time bank are generated when reaching an enemy, but the total number of seconds available can never exceed 5. When reaching 0, the ability is turned off.

  • PART 2-SOBCARGA: The overload piles, which grant speed of motion, are reduced to zero if Zero does not reach an opponent by 1.5 seconds. This does not turn off the Ult (keeps damage AOE and the chance of stacking overload), but takes all the bonuses obtained so far. This returns you to your ‘normal’ movement speed.

The intention of this change is to provide more mechanical to combat Zero’s movement speed. A situation that allows you to have more power in all other skills that promises to make it a slightly easier champion to balance in the long run, and does not ‘eak’ the League of Legends rules.

The Rework is coming soon to the test server, and will be released during the 2023 preseason.

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