How to overcome Cascarrafa Gym Test & Leader at Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have eight gyms for players to compete, each with their own riddles and tests.
One of which includes the water

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have eight gyms for players to compete, each with their own riddles and tests. One of which includes the Water Type Gym in the city of Cascara, where the easiest gymnastics test is possibly carried out. That said, it is always good to make sure everyone knows what to do. So today, let’s talk how to overcome Cascara fa Gym Test & Leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to overcome Cascara gym test

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Upon arrival at the Cascara gym, the leader of the gym, Tofu, will fly and apparently run somewhere. The gym staff member will come out shortly after, saying that Tofu forgot his wallet and asks him to take it to Porto Marinade. Go there and go to him in the back of the market. One of his gym coaches will quickly challenge you to a battle, with which players should not have difficulty dealing with.

When returning his wallet, Tofu will ask you to compete in a nearby auction to win a very rare marine seaweed of the Horn region. If the player is successful, he will accept his challenge in his gym.


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The rules of the test are simple. He who offers the highest bid will win the algae. On average, offering up to $35,000 should be sufficient before the other two bidders give up. After winning the offer, you give Tofu his algae, of which he will happily wait for you in his gym in the city of Cascara fa.

How to overcome the Tofu gym leader

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Tofu is a water type specialist, so grass and electrical type movements will work better in this fight. It has three Pokemon, two of which are level 29 and It’s AS at level 30. The fight begins with its level 29, a pure water type.

It is a very fast Pokemon but hits quite badly, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to drive. The second is its level 29 water, also a type of pure water. It is more on the defensive side than the previous Eliza, but its attack power is less than desired. Finally, his Pokemon as, Cr abominable.

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Following the usual pattern of other gym leaders, Cr abominable is normally a pure struggle Pokemon, but after it grasses it becomes pure water. Therefore, Grass and Electric movements will continue to work better against him.

Keep in mind that its offensive power is not a joke and can be a lethal force if it is not treated quickly. Defeat Cr abominable and the Water Gym Badge is yours. The players will also be rewarded with a beautiful selfie with Tofu shortly after.

That is all you need to know how to overcome Cascara Gym Test & Leader in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Be sure to consult our last guides about who Pokemon teachers are, as well as an adequate explanation about Meal Powers.

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