[Landscape] Leave the sound of G -Star 2022 to me! JBL Quantum Booth

The third day of G -Star 2022, the best game show in Korea, was bright in BEXCO, Busan.
G -Star First and Second Day?
The real game is on Saturday.
Besides, it is Saturday

The third day of G-Star 2022, the best game show in Korea, was bright in BEX CO, Susan. G-Star First and Second Day? The real game is on Saturday. Besides, it’s Saturday, which has been done until the SAT. It may not be a bit of a hot, but you have suffered.

The site was filled with gamers who wanted to enjoy new and popular games. Since G-Star is a game exhibition, it is natural for big and small games to decorate the stage and receive the spotlight in one body, but after that, the gaming gear that assists it is also essential. Should I say it’s sesame but precious? The reporter is also one gamer, but IT is in charge of IT, and I was a little more interested in hardware and gaming gear than games.

There are some various hardware booths in the G-Star 2022 site, but on the contrary, there are many booths we know so well. JBL, a global audio brand. JBL is a sound brand of Herman International, which provides the best connection technology for automobiles, consumers and corporate customers.

JBL exhibited the quantum series including the Quantum 910, 810, and 350 at the G-Star 2022 JBL Quantum booth to give visitors a sophisticated and rich sound. In particular, the Quantum 910 is the top-level model of JBL’s wireless gaming headset, with a 7.1-channel quantumsuround and DTS headphone: x 2.0, which provides different dimensions and realism.

In addition, the Quantumsphere 360 ™, which has been upgraded with head tracking technology, is applied to provide professional audio positioning and unique soundscape to provide excellent immersion with more sophisticated 3D three-dimensional sound.

In addition, JBL will hold a field purchase event that offers up to 58% discount on the QUANTUM series on site during the G-Star 2022 period. You can’t miss the time quiz event, Instagram follow and on-site certification shot event.

We will also experience the JBL Quantum booth, which can experience premium audio at G-Star 2022 and get discounts.

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