Need for Speed account asks for forgiveness for responding rudely

Need for Speed Unbound’s account apologizes to followers.
This is due to an answer made by this social network

The end of the year paints to continue having interesting video games, since in a few days expected titles will be arriving such as Marvels Midnight Suns, The Callisto Protocol and of course, Need for Speed Unbound. Regarding the latter, their social networks have been very active, but in seem the cm of the account it has gone a little with their answers.

The discussion began because a user complained about The Palace Edition, since it leaves users to play the title three days before it is officially launched. Thus, he mentioned that it was unfair to pay more to be able to play before, the CM replied: he cries, brother, or buy it at a normal price, I do not care. Something that the public did not like.

Shortly after, the user mentioned that EA had lost the purchase of the day, this because he considered the comment offensive, but the users seemed quite the opposite, something very funny.


Thus came the answer in the form of apology by the account, here is the comment:

We admit that we are a little trapped in the exaggeration of the launch and some of our recent responses on social networks crossed the line. To those fans that we bothered, we apologize. We will do it better. See you here next week.

Remember that the game is released on December 2.

Via: Insider Gaming

Editor’s note: In my opinion I don’t think it was a super gross answer, but this is the world of social networks. Surely that lost sale will be compensated with that of the other fans.

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