Soon (November 28th) at Aldi New offers and Black-Week

Aldi will offer numerous short articles at reduced rates from Monday, November 28th In our overview, we clarify which items are rewarding in the online shop and in the Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd branches

Aldi will offer numerous short articles at reduced rates from Monday, November 28th In our overview, we clarify which items are rewarding in the online shop and in the Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd branches.

  • Gas grill for 849 euros. Consumers can conserve 29 percent here. The 4-burner gas grill S-418 offers four massive stainless-steel grid with a main grill location of 75.5 x 42.5 cm.
  • Travelling e-bike for 999 euros. The e-bike offers supported driving of up to 120 km.
  • Falt-Mountain-e-bike for 1.199 euros. Minimized by 45 percent in rate.
  • Gas fireplace for 299 euros. Offers warming, regularly flames.
  • Video gaming PC for 2,499 euros. With an Intel Core I7 processor and the graphics card GeForce RTX 3080 LHR from NVIDIA. 1 TB are offered as a storage area.
  • Kicker table for 209 euros. Reduced by almost half. The field comes to measurements of 116 x 68 cm.

We begin with the online store, where we noticed some Black Week bargains.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: New uses from November 28th.

Aldi Nord offers these offers:

  • LED neon garden rod for 9.99 euros. Intended for outdoors and inside. Aldi Nord offers various models.
  • LED light tree for 19.99 euros. Depending on the design, comes to a height of 120 cm or 150 cm. 200 LEDs are ready.
  • LED light hose for 9.99 euros. The light tube comes to a length of 10 m.
  • LED ice crystal lamp for 12.99 euros.

  • 3D Christmas star for 24.99 euros. To get in red, white and gray style. The star pertains to a diameter of 95 cm.

Aldi Süd offers these deals:

  • LED fir tree light chain for 9.99 euros. Appropriate for within and outdoors. Customers have the choice between three designs that concern 120, 130 or 180 LEDs.
  • Christmas trailer sets for 2.49 euros. Include as much as six units. Ideal for Christmas interior decor or for embellishing presents.
  • LED light network for 7.99 euros. Begin measurements of 320 x 150 cm. Warm white, cold white and amber colors are offered.
  • LED corrugated wax candle for 9.99 euros. Comes to a height of 30 cm with a size of 10 cm.
  • Advent wreath for 6.99 euros. Held in red-silver, cream gold or sand. Four candles are naturally included. The diameter has to do with 30 cm.

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Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: Older offers from November 21st

We begin with the online shop, where we noticed some lights.

  • Wood pendant lamp for 89.99 euros. Lowered by 62 percent. The light has 6 LED spotlights, which make sure warm white light. The producer likewise believed of a backlight function.
  • Ceiling light for 49.99 euros. Offers warm white light with 3,000 k and 1,500 lumens. The light pertains to measurements of 80 x 20 x 6.5 cm.
  • Hanging light for 99.99 euros. At Aldi, minimized by over half. With a striking lampshade in a smoke glass look. Intended for the living, consuming or sleeping location.
  • Ceiling lamp with crystal search for 59.99 euros. Customers pay 53 percent less here. The light is slowly dimmable and offers up to 1,700 lumens.
  • Kicker table for 319 euros. The field ceilings are raised.
  • Wing chair for 269 euros. Kept in the color of gas. Comes on dimensions of 75 x 102 x 84.5 cm.
  • Aldi Nord provides these deals:

We start with the online shop, where we observed e-fireplace, amongst other things.

  • LED ice crystal light for 12.99 euros. Developed for within and outside. Has 30 bending, metallic hairs, each of which is about 25 cm long.
  • LED neon garden rod for 9.99 euros. Aldi Nord offers several models, such as a Christmas tree or star. They are 51 cm each.
  • Christmas star for 24.99 euros. Geared up with 6 warm white LEDs and a timer. The star is offered in two colors and concerns a size of 95 cm.
  • LED ceramic decoration for 7.99 euros. There is a choice of a home, a home with a fireplace, a house with gold accents or a star.
  • Nutcracker for 12.99 euros. Consists of wood and pertains to a height of about 38 cm. Aldi has various variations in the program.
  • Aldi Süd uses these offers:
  • Wind lichen column set for 49.99 euros. Meant for the inside and protected outside area. The 2 columns are open upwards.
  • Advent wreath for 6.99 euros. Comes to a size of about 30 cm. Four candles are currently in the plan here.
  • Premium-rustic candle for 2.99 euros. Burns nearly 80 hours, the diameter is 7.8 cm. Aldi Süd uses different colors.
  • Christmas trailer for 2.49 euros. For Christmas interior design. Various sets are ready.


  • LED light hose for 6.99 euros. Concern an overall length of 15 m and offer 200 LEDs. With memory and timer function.
  • Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: Older deals from November 17th

  • Electric wall fireplace for 589 euros. Otherwise, costs 649 euros.

  • Electrocuting for 429 euros. Consumers save 70 euros here. The 3D LED lighting deals 12 colors that can be adjusted from a distance, as can the timeliness and brightness.
  • Handgun gadget set for 99.99 euros. A third cheaper than typical. Permits communication over an optimum of 6 km. The maker specifies the operating time with up to 18 hours.
  • Wildkamera set for 139 euros. Minimized by half in the Aldi online shop. The set includes weatherproof electronic camera with tree bracket and 32 GB memory card.
  • Binoculars for 299 euros. To get 33 percent less expensive. Dresser’s binoculars enables 8 times augmentation. A close focus from 3 m is also possible.
  • Inflatable whirlpool for 369 euros. Ideal for indoor and outside use. 130 nozzles are prepared. The inside diameter is 160 cm.
  • Aldi Nord offers these offers:

  • Cooking area device for 299 euros. The alternative to the Thermionic provides a mix container that comes to a capacity of 2.3 l. More about the food processor in our article.

  • Stainless steel kettle for 19.99 euros. With a capacity of 1.7 l. The manufacturer likewise considered a removable lime filter.
  • Pizza for 29.99 euros., if up to 1,500 W. A pizza is all set after 12 to 15 minutes. The pizza store is offered in 2 colors.
  • Double waffle iron for 24.99 euros. Back 2 large waffles at the same time. The temperature for the wanted degree of tanning is infinitely adjustable.
  • Palette grill for 59.99 euros. In fact costs 134.99 euros. The grill plate is detachable, dishwasher-safe and equipped with a non-stick seal.
  • Aldi Süd provides these deals:
  • Samsung cell phone with annual bundle for 159 euros. Here is the Samsung Galaxy A04S with Android 12 together with a tariff annual package from Aldi Talk (12 GB LTE volume).
  • Thermos hygrometer set for 9.99 euros. To measure the indoor environment in three rooms. Can be mounted on the wall or established.
  • Landaus console for 79.99 euros. With two drawers and an extra storage location listed below. The white console provides measurements of 90 x 75 x 35 cm.
  • August large area pan for 19.99 euros. The pan comes to a diameter of 28 cm and a capability of 4.8 l.
  • Cast iron cookware for 19.99 euros.
  • Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: Older deals from November 14th

We start with the online store, where we noticed e-bikes.

  • Travelling e-bike for 1,111 euros. The e-bike is offered with a rich discount rate over 53 percent. A rear wheel engine with a power of 250 watts is prepared. The variety is up to 90 km.
  • Alone mountain bike for 1,111 euros. 53 percent cheaper than normal.
  • Alu-e-City bike for 999 euros. Really costs two times as much. The e-bike for the city offers a variety of approximately 90 km and has a moving aid.
  • Projector for 159 euros. 21 euros cheaper than usual is the Philips projector who can predict images with full HD resolution. There are 2 HDMI connections.
  • Tool case for 99.99 euros. Lowered by more than half.
  • Expert bank for 299 euros. The worktop is made of beech wood, the working height is 95 cm. Two storage compartments and three ball-bearing drawers are consisted of.
  • Aldi Nord provides these offers:

  • Terrace heating spotlight for 149 euros. Warns are targeted and distributed at the height of the seat without loss of scatter. Approximately 6 kW of power is possible.

  • Fire bowl for 59.99 euros. Concerns a size of 55 cm at a height of 34 cm. With fuel containers and stimulate protection grilles.
  • Mulled red wine warmer for 49.99 euros. The capacity is 16 l.
  • LED daylight daytime for 17.99 euros.
  • Sewing device for 129 euros. At Aldi Nord, the machine from the standard maker Singer is simply 63 percent less expensive available.
  • Aldi Süd uses these offers:
  • August grill pan for 16.99 euros. Comes on dimensions of 28 x 28 cm and is used at Aldi Süd in 2 versions.
  • LED labor spotlight for 29.99 euros. Can light up a location of 7 x 7 m in daytime white color. Planned for outdoor and indoor areas.
  • Screwdriver and bit set for 19.99 euros. Various screwdrivers, pins and bits are offered here in the set. 100 parts are in the plan.
  • Folding step for 24.99 euros. Has 2 actions and is intended for the interior. The maximum load is 150 kg.
  • Easel for 14.99 euros. For canvases with a height of as much as 110 cm. Folded together, the easel comes to dimensions of 58 x 150 cm.

  • Kicker table for 209 euros. Ceiling lamp for 49.99 euros. Christmas trailer for 2.49 euros. Electric wall fireplace for 589 euros. The pan comes to a diameter of 28 cm and a capability of 4.8 l.

  • Cast iron cookware pots and pans 19.99 euros.

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