Dinosaurs Role In Video Games

Dinosaurs in video games.
They act as catalysts of the action in many titles and continue to attract us in a special way.

The dinosaurs were the protagonists this 2022 by Jurassic World: Dominion, although they never left that role, because they are quite recurring in the cinema and video games.
They act as catalysts of the action in many titles and continue to attract us in a special way.
Like zombies or avenging beings from other planets, they will never go out of style.
In video games, which is what interests us in Brountoplay, dinosaurs have had many appearances throughout the different generations.

We have enough dedicated to them, some highly remembered and valued by the community.
Let’s see how the theme of the terrible lizards has changed and as there was a turning point with the premiere of the film that raised them to stardom: Jurassic Park (1993).
Making paleontology, one of the first video games with dinosaurs is Dynowarz: Destruction of Spindles for Banzai NEW (1990).
Classical Run-And-Gun Type in 2D where we control a robotic dinosaur, Cyborasaurus, that its mission was to destroy the AI of all the planets I visited.
It is not a remembered game, but it had a variety of enemies and good graphics for 8 bits.
We have a proposal of the same gender for Mega Drive in 1993 with Dinosaurs For Hire.
A video game based on the homonym comic developed by Sega and did not leave America.


In it the studios work as mercenaries and had crazy phases starring Ninjas.
Banzai also developed On for SNES (1993), a character most remembered for being the Casino y Orange Dinosaur of Taken 3 (PlayStation, 1996).
The original game did not leave Japan and was inspired by an anime.
Mix 2D lateral scroll phases with some that used mode 7 but without much success.
The little girl had a new installment for Nintendo DS in 2012 that did not leave Japan: On Baku Baku Baku Baku Adventure.
And the premiere of the film that aroused the Dino mania came: Jurassic Park.
Until then, dinosaurs had barely been platform or shooting experiences with anthropomorphic studios.
Now we would have several adventures set in the film, with greater or lesser success, because each platform received a different version.
Among them, we highlight that of Mega Drive, where we controlled Dr. Grant on a platform or a velociraptor, which made the most interesting game.
In SNES we received an isometric viewing adventure where we toured with the paleontologist La Islam Nuclear and when entering buildings the camera passed to the first person.
As curiosity these parts were compatible with the console mouse.
The Mega CD version was a Point-And-Click where we had the challenge of 12 real hours to complete the adventure.
The sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, had adaptations for PlayStation and Saturn in 1997. Adventures in 2.5d in which we controlled three dinosaurs and two human characters.
More unknown is JP: Trespasser for PC in 1998. With a first-person camera and we had to escape from Sneaker Island full of dinosaurs.
The game presented multiple failures and suffers from having made a hurry but, in previous generations, every blockbuster had its video game adaptation to take advantage of the pull.
In 1997, accompanying Nintendo64 we had a very revolutionary FPS: Turk: Dinosaur Hunter.
An adaptation of the comic in which we had to face Studios in 3D that impressed on the screen.
Although not as much as the Rex tyrannosaurus that showed the album of demos that accompanied PlayStation in 1995. A sample of power by Sony of his first machine.
Turk had several sequela in N64 and other versions in Game Boy.
PlayStation has one of the video games of these most valued animals: Dino Crisis.
In 1999, he repeated the Formula of Resident Evil but with dinosaurs and the play was outstanding.
A server horror that gave them a lot of prominence and released in a field that would be a constant: as dangerous and atrocious enemies.
His sequel, a year later, turned to action and showed more variety and quantity of bugs on screen.
Although he did not have as good reception as the previous one.
In 1994, we had for Arcade Primal Rage machines, with its subsequent adaptation to consoles.
A two against two between different monsters and some dinosaurs.
But this formula was better adapted to Dino mania in 1999 with Jurassic Park Warpath.
A fight between unrealistic dinosaurs on the scenarios of the movies.
It does not have the complexity of others of the genre, but it was quite result on and spectacular with large beasts on the screen.
Entertaining, but basically took advantage of the pull of the moment.

Game Boy Advance had several titles where dinosaurs were the axis.
The adaptation of the movie Disney’s Dinosaur was a game in which we had to solve simple puzzles in a zenith view while we tried not to run into enemies.
PlayStation and Dream cast versions were similar but with 3D graphics.
Curious is the mixture of Dinosaurs genres for GBA, exclusive to Europe.
In it, we had to advance with different species such as a platform, but the clashes changed to fighting in turn.
Until the fifth generation experimentation with dinosaurs in video games was remarkable because they seemed in many genres and took advantage of Jurassic Park’s success.
Games such as films based, the Turk or Dino crisis saga were made hollow on many shelves.
From then on they would give this success to other dangerous beings and would be relegated to the background.

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