Who Visited Aki At The Hospital?

Episode 10 details the consequences of the assault on special division 4 and the death of Himeno and other Devil Hunters.
While Aki Hayakawa, wounded but

Episode 10 details the consequences of the assault on special division 4 and the death of Limeño and other Devil Hunters.
While Aka Katakana, wounded but among surviving members, fights with his sadness in a hospital bed, he receives visits from Benji, Power, Devil Hunters from Kyoto and an unidentified woman who carries letters.
OBJECTIVE Who is the mysterious visitor of Aka in the hospital and why came?
We have answers.

What were in the visitors’ letters in Chainsaw Man?

Aka’s visitor at the hospital is Limeño’s younger sister.
That has no name in the anime or in the manga.
With her, he brings a series of letters he received from Limeño over the years, many of which mention AKA himself.
While Purpose and Tend take Aka through the hall of the demons captured later in the episode, Purpose asks about his visit and asks if he left him.

On the contrary, Aka reveals that Hymen’s sister’s visit was not bad blood or anger, but a rather tragic (although bittersweet) for the afflicted hunter.
In a select letter, Aka reads that Limeño was desperately trying that he left public security and moved to the private sector with her, and that his care and concern for him extended much beyond what he showed publicly before he died.
The revelation brings to light similar feelings of Aka for her, feelings that tried to keep buried in the background.
Limeño’s letters, their confessions from the grave, make the pain of their loss much more difficult to cope with Aka.
That is the answer to those who visited Aka in the hospital in episode 10 of Chainsaw Man. Be sure to see more of our Chainsaw Man content, as who is the devil of the future and what kind of demon is power.


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