Space Raiders in Space: Crazy Comic style game with cosmic worm-o. The space adventure of the century is coming soon!

Space Raiders in Space, the crazy comic style game with a cosmic Wurm-O-Kalypse, will be released in January 2023.

Parallel universes, black holes, space pirates, worm-o-kalypses and a cosmic Wurm-O-Kalypse are just some of the dangers that await our heroes in this comic book style sci-fi game.

The Apocalypse has actually taken control of the world.
Gather your group, construct defense systems, loot weapons and materials, and maybe you still make it.
Thanks to Redder. Games, the vermin will quickly crawl out of your Xbox consoles!
Area Raiders in Area is a mix of roguelike and tower defense mechanics.


Concentration and correct management are crucial to keep your group alive.
There is a very first impression in the following trailer and in the filled Area Raiders in Space Screenshot Gallery.

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