10 Tips For Playing The Witcher 3s Blood And Wine Expansion

The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine expansion has to be one of the best of all time, adding a fleshy story of more than 25 hours and a new

The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine expansion has to be one of the best of all time, adding a fleshy story of more than 25 hours and a new massive open world to explore.
It also presents new mechanics, so if you ask which is the best way to use them, as well as other things that you should and should not do, we have prepared a guide of tips and tricks to help you.

You will want to exceed level 30 for Blood and Wine

Blood and Wine is an expansion of the end of the game.
It is not intended for those who just begin history, or those who have found themselves in half and are looking for an excursion.
The land of Toussaint is quite beautiful on the surface, but in reality it is very deadly for those who are not prepared.
Starting at level 30 will allow you to survive at the beginning, since most enemies seem to have about 33 when you start.
If you find that it is too early in the game, you can be patient and play until you are ready or start expansion directly from the main menu.
The second option will provide you with a level 34, but will leave you out of any wild hunting mission.

Complete Turn and cool the strange as soon as you get it

Turn and face the strange is a secondary mission that you will receive a couple of hours after blood and wine.
Start with a Jennifer letter that tells you about a teacher who had been investigating Pitchers.
You will have to find the hidden laboratory and complete your own experiment to complete this particular mission.
It is something you want to do, since it unlocks the new mutations’ system.
Mutations are used to further improve the powerful Gerald’s skills.
They unlock new advantages for combat, as well as more skill slots.
If you are playing in a higher difficulty, or you are simply looking for a means to become more powerful, Mutations will prove to be invaluable.

Do not waste skill points every time you get them

You cannot blame him for wanting to instantly harvest the rewards of his arduous work.
Leveling at The Witcher 3 has never been fast and easy, so when you see that you have won a skill point, you will want to spend it.
In Blood and Wine, try to avoid doing that, so you can save a few.
This will allow you to unlock mutations instead of your standard advantages and skills.
The first mutations that you can unlock cost two skill points along with the same amount of corresponding mutagens.
These are much more powerful advantages that can really help you adapt Gerald to your game style.

Team Te sham Mutual

It is not very frequent that a team set that is not Witcher’s, but Te sham Mutual Gear is quite useful, especially during the most difficult sections of Blood and Wine.
There are six pieces;
Chest, legs, boots, gloves, steel sword and mask.
Actually, everyone is extremely easy to get, and you will want them for their advantage.
Te sham Mutual Gear is a set of Relic Vampire armor.
It has an advantage that restores health in deaths whenever you have at least three pieces of the whole (although having the six reinforces the bonus).
To get the set, simply loot all containers when it arrives in Te sham Mutual during the main mission the Cage Au For.
The path that you must follow in this area is very linear, so it only stops in each lifting element.

Queen and Arden

Blood and Wine has a strong approach to vampires.
However, you will not only fight against those you are used to from the base game.
There are High Vampires, Alps, Bruce, Grains, a lot of new creatures of the night.
They are faster than your typical enemy and, in some cases, much stronger than anything else in the game.
This is where they enter that.
Queen is your defense, allowing you to take one or two of the incredibly powerful physical attacks that one of these vampires will launch you.
Arden is a magical trap that can cancel the invisibility of a vampire and slow down anything that enters its circle.
Both signs will prove to be invaluable when you are in crypts, caves and even streets soaked with blood.

Bring a lot of repair kits

Although Blood and Wine is as focused on his narrative as Wild Hunt and Hearts of Stone, there is a lot of combat.
In addition to that, the fight tends to be against many enemies.
This means that your weapons, in particular your silver sword, will be exercised a lot.

Most likely, you don’t want to stop in the midst of fun to find a blacksmith who repairs your team.
There is nothing worse than your favorite weapon breaks in the middle of a challenging dungeon.

Avoid any problem and bring many arms repair kits on your trip.
You may also want to get some armor repair kits, although expert players will probably last much more without these.

If you choose a secondary mission, do it

There are some secondary missions in Blood and Wine that are closely linked to the main history of expansion.
Because of this, advancing too much in history will make failures in some of those missions.
If you are a complex, you will find that it is worth starting these secondary missions as soon as you get them.
Not only will they give you interesting rewards, but they will also give you a deeper vision of what happens behind the scene (and even things in the future will change).
If you should absolutely see the main story until the end as soon as possible, be sure to create a second saved file to which you can return.
CD Project Red made sure to place a warning at the point of no return only for that purpose.
Do not fail anything you don’t have to fail.

Improve your vineyard

As part of the contract that brings Gerald to Toussaint, he will receive a vineyard named Core Bianca.
It is a great property with a beautiful house, although a little deteriorated, and many lands.
Players can update this property to get certain comforts that can help with the game.
When resting in Core Bianca, you will get different bonuses according to the structures you have improved.
There is more experience, more resistance for Roach and more things that can help a lone adventurer.

Take your time and choose wisely

Blood and Wine is an experience.
What begins as a simple task expands in an exciting story full of turns, turns and activities.
Hurrying will only harm you, so take your time and enjoy the sites.
In addition, moving carefully around the world will provide you with some information, making the choices that you will have to do later in the expansion are much clearer to you.


You will often have the last word in certain lives as you get entangled in the plot that develops.
Pay attention, listen to what everyone has to say and, above all, choose wisely.
That is enough for these tips and tricks of The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine.
If you have not done so, see our wiki page dedicated to the expansion that has a lot of other useful guide content.
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