Unlocking The Power Of Edgar awl Stars: Your Complete Guide To Playing With This Ultra Versatile awler

Edgar has an attack that recovers life and an ult that jumps very long!
See attacks, accessories, star powers and tips on how to play with awler like

awl Stars has several playable characters.
On the production date of this text, the game has 64 awlers.
After talking about Colette, it was time for Edgar’s guide, a very fast and complex character to play.


Edgar is a high-speed awler that has life recovery with the basic attack (short range).
The character’s Super allows him to skip long distances, ideal to escape blows, seek items and even attack (if he has star power).
See how to play from Edgar and what are the attacks, accessories and star powers that awler has in awl Stars!

Edgar: Attack and Super

Attack: Fight Club

Edgar hits enemies with quick punches and heals with every punch he hits.
Damage: 2 x 810 (at level 11)
Range: Short (2)
Recharge Speed: Very fast (0.7)
Converted damage: 35%

Super: heel in height

Edgar jumps any obstacle, and its speed increases temporarily. Your super is loaded over time.
Range: Normal (6.67)
Attack loading: 8.37%

Edgar: Accessories are unlocked when Edgar reaches level 7 and can be purchased with coins.

It is only possible to ing one accessory in each match.

Take flight

  • Edgar’s Super carries faster, 525% for 4 seconds.
  • Uses per match: 3.


  • Edgar receives a shield that blocks the next 2,000 points of damage to him.
    The shield gets weaker over time.

  • Uses per match: 3.

Edgar: Star Power

Star powers are unlocked when Edgar reaches level 9 and can be purchased with coins.
Like accessories, it is only possible to ing star power in each match.

without cushioning

  • Upon landing, the Edgar Super also causes 1,000 points of damage to nearby enemies.

Relentless Fists

  • Edgar receives 25% more healing when causing damage.

Edgar: General gameplay tips

  • Always be in motion with Edgar.
  • Take enemies by surprise using the super jump.
  • Edgar has little life, but recovers PV by hitting enemies.
  • Due to the short range, choose the time to attack with Edgar.
  • The ideal is to observe when the enemy is without shots or accessories, so that it attacks with Edgar.
  • Edgar’s Super is good for collecting power cups, gems and screws.
  • Closer maps with many obstacles are great for playing from Edgar because of awler’s special ability.

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