The Ultimate Guide to Bonnie awl Stars: A Complete Review of Attacks, Accessories, Star Powers & Tips On How To Play With

Bonnie has the normal shape and a pan on board a cannon named Clyde!
See attacks, accessories, star powers and tips on how to play with awler of the hyid

awl Stars has several playable characters.
On the production date of this text, the game has 64 awlers.


After we talk about Bib, it’s time for Bonnie’s guide, a character who has two ways thanks to the Clyde cannon.
Bonnie is a hyid awler that can change several times during matches.
She may be alone throwing grenades or aboard the Clyde cannon shooting teeth.
See how to play Bonnie and what are the attacks, accessories and star powers that awler Hyid has in awl Stars along with the Clyde cannon!

Bonnie & Clyde: Attack and Super

attack (Bonnie): pump on the sleeve

Bonnie throws small grenades from the sleeves of your jacket.
Damage: 870 (at level 11)
Range: Normal (5)
Recharge Speed: Normal (2)

Attack (Clyde): Tooth shooter

Bonnie uses Clyde to shoot a huge tooth in the enemies.
Damage: 1500 (at level 11)
Range: very long (9.33)
Recharge Speed: Very fast (1)

Super (Bonnie): Clyde

Bonnie calls Clyde and takes control of her cannon.

Super (Clyde): Woman Ball

Clyde launches Bonnie, allowing her to cross obstacles and inflict damage to enemies near landing.
Damage (when landing): 1500 (at the level)
Range: Long (7)
Attack loading: 25%

Bonnie: Accessories are unlocked when Bonnie reaches level 7 and can be purchased with coins.

It is only possible to ing one accessory in each match.


  • Clyde’s agility and recharge speed increases by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Uses per match: 3.


  • Bonnie gives an attack forward, pushing enemies and causing 300 points of damage per blow.
  • Uses per match: 3.

Bonnie: Star Power

Star powers are unlocked when Bonnie reaches level 9 and can be purchased with coins.
Like accessories, it is only possible to ing star power in each match.


  • The range of the flake woman attack increases by 36%.

Inflame wisdom

  • Tooth shooter projectile explodes the impact and deals 25% extra damage to nearby enemies.

Bonnie (& Clyde): General gameplay tips

  • Bonnie playing is a little complex, which is not ideal for much of the game audience in this style.
  • It is essential that Bonnie is accompanied by at least one support that supports.
  • Bonnie is lethal on foot using grenades, but also has much less life in this mode.
  • The Clyde cannon can handle a lot of damage, but its speed hinders a lot.
    So use the gunpowder accessory to improve this.
  • Pike-gamma is a good option of mode, as Bonnie’s shot coming out of the cannon is ideal for escaping enemies.

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