Amazing values like Bellingham the BVB

That Jute Bellingham (18) threatens for the top game against Bavaria is not a good news, which is clear to anyone who has recently seen performances by Borussia Dortmund. With his rousing game, he ensures constant energy intake in the central midfield of the BVB — and now shapes it more than in his already strong debut season.

Obviously, Bellingham is more contributing to Dortmund offensive than 2020/21. The data show: He dares more often into dribbling (3.2 instead of 2.6 dribbling per game) while improving success rate (64.9 instead of 59.2 percent). It comes in more dangerous zones for completion (KG value 0.23 instead of 0.18), brings significantly more to its degrees in the gate under (13.3 instead of 3.0 percent) and also gives more Goal Shot Templates (1.2 instead of 0, 7 per 90 minutes).

Six values ​​in which Jew Bellingham has improved this season — offensive and defensive. Dortmund

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With two hits after 13 match days, the English international has already doubled its last year’s door yield in the Bundesliga, with assists already reached the value of the preseason (3).

Although Bellingham per game plays less passports (46 instead of 54) at almost identical quota (83.9 instead of 84.3), but it is noticeable, but its success rate for interface passages that has grown from 24.1 to 33.3.

More caught balls, fewer fouls

But Bellingham also increased in the game against the ball. He starts more balls (4.6 instead of 3.9 per 90 minutes) and wins more bunks (56 instead of 52.5 percent). Above all, it is amazing that at the same time it is significantly less foul (1.2 instead of 2.2 per 90 minutes).

Remarkably ripe and clever worked Bellingham’s game already, this season he seems to have improved in this regard but further improved. There are properties that could use the BVB right on Saturday (18.30, live! At Dortmund) against Bavaria.