Max Payne 3 celebrates his 10 years with a special soundtrack

One of the most beloved releases by players in the era of **weather. And now, the iconic video game will fulfill its tenth anniversary of existence, sufficient reason to sell collector edition merchandise.

Specifically, it is the official soundtrack in its anniversary version, which has a dignified remastering for all musical pieces in digital version or through a vinyl. In addition, the band Health, who created the soundtrack, decided to include for the first time in history unpublished issues that 10 years later come to light.

Here the statements of the L.A Style Musical Group:


When we started working in the score of Max Payne 3, we could not have planned the transcendental effect that it would have on the trajectory of our band and the music we do. Now, 10 years later, we remain as proud as always of being part of the story.

For now, there is no launch date or prices for this anniversary merchandise. But it ensures that there will be an important advance later. In addition, let’s not forget that the exact date to celebrate the video game birthday is next Sunday May 15, day more information is made more information.

Max Payne 3 can currently be played in Steam or the launcher of pc of Rockstar Games. Also through the retrocompatibility of xbox series x/s.

Guild wars 2

How do guilds work in Lost Ark?

Guilds are the basis for many games. Sometimes they are called other names such as clans or free companies, but in Lost Ark they are called guilds. Players can join the guild to formalize their partnership and express consent about the goals and gaming culture in Lost Ark.

In addition to the standard advantages of the guild, such as the presence of a larger number of like-minded people, Guilds in Lost Ark offer players another “fraction” to increase levels and improvements. As the guild level increases, it will be able to add more players, to take on new research tasks of the guild, open the guild shop, perform additional quests and much more.

Guilds can be raised by performing the guild tasks or participating in guild against the guild as well as guild against the environment content. Thus, conducting events as a guild, the guild will continue to increase its level and grow. This is a system with a sufficient stimulus to make an attachment worth.

Join the guild is quite simple. After completing the student quest or its full pass in the lower right corner of the user interface, a new button with the inscription community will appear . By clicking on this and choosing Guild displays a list of recruiting guilds. From there, players can send request ** To join, it must be approved by the Guild Master.

Lost Ark - Guild System Explained | Creating A Guild & Running It Right!
If the guild does not work for the player, it can go out by typing / Guildly in chat to exit.

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