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How to Win the Yeti Hunter in Overwatch

Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter with many game modes. The one that puts you in the shoes of a Yeti hunter is arguably one of the most entertaining and challenging. Read on for more information about how to hunt the Yeti!

The Yeti hunter is most likely one of the most amusing game modes because his very first intro in the very first overwatch.
You can choose whether you desire to play as a hunter or Yeti in this mode.
As a hunter, you play as a Ma in a group of five with an objective: to prevent the Yeti on the romp.
You can collect meat to turn into a fatal beast and rapidly attain elimination if you are now playing as Winston The Yeti.
You have to win on both sides if you desire to master the Winter Wonderland obstacles, so make sure you know how to win the Yeti-Jäger mode in Overwatch 2.

How to win the Yeti hunter mode in Overwatch 2 as a hunter

The secret to success is, like Ma, teamwork.
As soon as you see the Yeti, you can ping it to warn your colleagues to focus on him.
When numerous people focus on him, it ends up being harder for him to reach the meat spread on the map.
You ought to likewise follow how much meat he has consumed, which is displayed on the right side of your screen.
Winston has to eat 4 pieces of meat prior to it can change, so you must alter your approach as quickly as he has actually consumed three.
As soon as he has consumed the 3rd meat, search for an excellent hiding location on the menu.
It is also excellent to keep as far as possible, since there is the possibility that Winston leaps to them while Primal Rage is active.


There are lots of dark passages on the map that you can use for your advantage.
Likewise, try to position a trap at one of the places where the meat appears before you hide.
Possibly you are lucky and catch the Yeti for a short time.

How to win the Yeti hunter mode in Overwatch 2 as Yeti

The fastest method to win as a Yeti is to focus on finding the meat and ignoring all Ma at the beginning of the game.
There is meat near the bridge outside your spawn and another in the middle of the map.
If you follow this path, you just have to have two pieces of meat left, and given that you generate so close together, you should not have a problem to get to you.
An excellent strategy that you can try is not to eat the 4th meat to lure a few of the impatient Ma gamers to you.
Store a meat nearby and consume it quickly to activate Primal Rage as quickly as you see that you are pertaining to you.
You will probably turn into an ice block, however simply wait.
The ice block just lasts about 2 seconds, and as quickly as it breaks, you can just tap it twice to accomplish removal.
Go on until you get an overall of five eliminations.
You can examine the total number of your eliminations by looking at the ME symbol on the top of your screen.

Much luck!
Tracking 2 is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.
– This article was updated on December 15, 2022