Dead by Daylight: New Addon is only for players with strong nerves

The Survival Horror Game Dead by Daylight teaches the fans already with many iconic scary shapes such as Freddy Krüger, Michael Myers and many far fear. Now the developers bring an almost cruel figure into the game: Sadako.

Dead by Daylight: New Crossover with the ring

The makers of DBD (Dead by Daylight) have steadily expanded the game since the release in 2016. Players have a huge selection of killers and survivors as long as the appropriate addons are acquired. Now developer Behaviour Interactive announces a new crossover .

With “Sadako Rising” it is important to spread a new curse in DBD. It is a new chapter inspired by Kōji Suzukis Roman “Ringu” and the original process . Fans can look forward to a new killer and a new survivor.

Both Sadako and Yoichi Askawa dive into the trailer . A new map is probably not available this time, but props seem to have been added to fit your mechanics.

The trailer shows that they will be able to manifest by television screens . These are probably placed anywhere on the map – suitable for their ability in the novel and in the films.

Dead by Daylight: When does the new chapter appear?

If you should be a fan of the game, you do not have to be patient. The new chapter “Sadako Rising” should appear on 8 March 2022 .

Be your PC player and you want to test the whole sooner, you can already do that. The Public Test Build server is already live. There you can test and experiment your new Perks (talents that give the players special skills) on their new Perko and asakawa.

How is your test server?

  • Right-click on the Dead by Daylight application in your Steam library
  • Properties
  • Rider “Beta” click
  • Select “Public-Test” from the drop-down list
  • Starts Steam NEW (not required, but this updates the user interface properly and the download is started)

To return to the normal game, follow the steps again and selects from the drop-down list instead of “public-test” “None – Opt Out of All Beta Programs” . Also start again for safety Steam again.

(Source: DBD Forum)

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