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DNF Duel Confirmed on PS5 PS4 and PC A Beta Approach

The veil begins to rise on the intentions of DNF duel. In addition to confirming the three platforms on which the combat game will be released on the Dungeon & Fighter license, the publisher announces that an open beta will take place this weekend.

HITMAN Reveal Reaction & Open Beta Test Announcement NEW DNF Duel
Open to all owners of PS5 and PS4 around the world, this beta will take place from Saturday, December 18 (3h) to Monday, December 20 (15h). Yes, it’s almost exactly at the same hours as the beta of The King of Fighters 15. Nixon has not unveiled more details, but we can hope to play with the five characters unveiled in recent days and perhaps even with the Hitman who has just added to the list, as we can see in this New trailer. Four additional fighters, whose silhouettes can be seen, will be unveiled soon, which guarantees the presence of at least 10 characters at the launch of this title developed by Arc System Works.

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