NVIDIA “1TB to Cyber attacks”

NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang

Silicon Valley Company Hardens Security Following Cyber Attack
US Graphic Processing Devices (GPU) Design Maker NVIDIA has been growing in a recent cyber attack, and it is a bigger concern with the expiration of the relevant information on the beginning of the core information on the core information.

According to the two-day-related industry, NVIDIA said, “Cyber ​​attack subjects have begun staff-related data and company proprietary information, and began to spill online.”

This cyber attack was reported to have been labeled in South America-based hacking groups (Lapsus).

Lapris argued that through the Telegram last month, they have stirred 1TB data with the core information of the GPU design, such as driver, circuit, and firmware. Here, the NVIDIA employee’s login credential (ID, password) has also released the hash value. Wraprisks demanded virtual assets in exchange for this data that does not disclose this material.

However, the likelihood of being associated with Russian Ukrainian invasions expected in the perception is that it was significantly lower. Lapters said this attack is not hacked by political motivation.