41 on Metacritic and sometimes only 1 active player: PS4-/PS5

Already in our Avengers preview it became apparent that Babylon’s case will not be a guarantee of sales. The game fell u. through its boring level design and suboptimal inventory management. Since little had happened until the release, it was no surprise that the game flopped. And as it seems, the game for PS4, PS5 and the PC is now finally dead.

number of players from Babylon’s case in the basement

The Steamcharts page records how many users spend time in one game. Babylon’s case does not get away well: Within the last 24 hours (as of 8.5.2022), only a maximum of 58 players were online at the same time.

It works even worse: on May 4, 2022 around midnight, only one user was online. However, this is only the number of users for the PC version of Babylon’s case. Unfortunately, how many players were online at PS4 and PS5 cannot be followed.

However, the statistics show how frighteningly little the new game of the Nier finds: automata maker. In the following trailer you can see what Babylon’s case actually has to offer:

originally great future planned

The game does not get away well on Metacritic either. While the press score is still 41 out of 100 possible points, the users award a 2.1 out of 10. The criticism of the users ranges from terrible story to no longer contemporary graphics.

In addition, many users are bothered by the fact that microtransactions are included in the game, although Babylon’s case is a full price title. In comparison, even disappointments such as Marvel’s Avengers are said to be good, who have also not exactly spilled with fame.

Why Marvel’s Avengers didn’t sell well, you can read here:

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Why I Like PS5 More Than PS4 Already (So Far At Least)

Is Square Enix gives up the game? But the responsible Square Enix and Platinum Games announced a few weeks ago that they have even planned content beyond Season 3. It remains questionable whether it is worth developing new content for 58 players with a falling trend for 58 players.

It remains to be seen how those responsible will behave in terms of falling user numbers. The content that has already been planned could be stamped and the support set, on the other hand, a saving update and fresh content could bring new wind into the number of users.

What experiences have you had with Babylon’s case? Are you perhaps even one of the few users who still give the game a chance?

The hackn Slash only Leveling presents his first trailer

Hack 'N' Slash - Trailer

The hack’n slash Solo Leveling has presented its first trailer. Advance, specially focused on playability, presents us the different skills of Sung Jinwoo and several of the dangerous monsters to which he will have to face. We can also see the difference between the body to body combat and the clashes based on the use of magic.

Solo Leveling is the adaptation of the homonymous manhwa published in Spain by editorial norm. He tells the story of a guy with magical skills that he decides to become a hunter to pay the debts of his sick mother. Starting in low-ranked dungeons, Sung Jinwoo will be facing different monsters until a mysterious program chooses it as the only player of him, giving him the possibility of climbing very fast, expanding his strength to unsuspected limits.

This title is in charge of NetMarble Games , distributor that only a few days ago presented the adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins. According to the press release, only Leveling will be available on PC and mobile devices on a date yet to be announced.