Rainbow 6: Ends the Mexican circuit where Six Karma and Alpha dominate the tournament

With previous competitions for the biggest instances within the world of ESPORTS, one of the videogames that has earned the most in the different countries of the world is the Shooter of Ubisoft, Rainbow Six, where operators have given great playing through the scene competitive

Last weekend, the last day of the Mexican circuit of Rainbow Six was held where the pass for Elite Six would be playing, the most important regional tournament Latam in this discipline, with Furious Gaming and Classified Pampas of the Side of the South American circuit, now we would see who would be the contenders to take the reins within Mexico to accompany the aforementioned teams.

One of the leaders of the competition is the Six Karma team, who has already been within the instances of the ESPORTS with League of Legends and Valorant teams, since 2021 also entered within R6 Giving a pretty good performance By winning the Copa México , now as a leader of the competition he was facing Phoenix where he would seek a victory that would allow him to get his pass to the first stage of the year.

On a map of Oregon where the green wave has been dominant in a certain way during the competition, it began the game with a strong blow against the birds of fire where Saul “Morphhed” Torres managed to punish four casualties favor, with a game where Fenix had nothing to lose sought to risk more and with some moves from Alejandro “Alee11” Argüello that put the hot things, however, the team of 6K achieved important points that managed to generate the 7-3 In the scoreboard in your favor in this last day.

During the transmission, morphhed mentioned that “I feel more prepared than on other occasions, we work in a better way to give a much greater role,” because he has already lived international competitions and wants to show that he can give a Better representation.

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On the other hand, we saw Alpha team who was looking for his pass for the international tournament on a map of Oregon against Cruelty, taking a first round in favor of the squad of cruelty with a unfixed play that allowed to start with the right foot, with a face of anger the team led by Oscar “Tosky” Sepulveda would start taking the rounds little by little and without giving against their rivals, showing a very correct temper where Arturo “Simplykesh” Martinez Put the bullets in the right place getting 7 rounds Followed with your team and with it getting your pass for Elite Six.

Already with the teams defined to reach the first scenario of the year, it is only necessary to wait for the Brazilian region that will be playing this last day where Latinos will be able to know who will be their rivals in the future, waiting for the start date the * April 23, 2022 where the 8 teams of both Brazil and Latin America * will fight for international quotas.