Halo series: New trailer is a dream for fans

More and more video games find their way on various streaming portals as a film or series. On March 24th, Halo is the turn. Shortly before the start of the series, Paramount Pictures with a new trailer shows what fans are welcome.

New trailer: Halo series convinces visually

To The Witcher and The Cuphead Show! Finally, Halo fans have a reason for pleasure. Because the series to the Sci-Fi Shooter appears already next week and will reinvent the history of the games.

Shortly before starting, Paramount Pictures published, responsible for the Halo series, another trailer that can inspire the fans.

Under the corresponding YouTube video are predominantly positive comments. It is the speech of a convincing cinematography as well as surprisingly good visual effects . From firefights and explosions to rapid space vessels – the pictures shown look high quality.

Better than the first trailer, worry about story

Fans also praise the armor shown in the second trailer. ToOuchGravii writes, it is impressive that “the actors in these armor do not look clunky and limited “. (Source: YouTube – Paramount Plus) A small side wire against the Netflix series The Witcher, which was once mocked for their armor.


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The Halo Show Reviews are out... and a final trailer
Daniel Hartmann

In general, the second trailer cuts better with the fans than the previous 1. In addition to the impressive CGI and outstanding music, especially the last scene stands out in the trailer. In this, you can see Master Chief jump from a plane; A scene that is strongly reminiscent of the Opening Sequence from Halo 5 .

The trailer awakens but also first worry that the series slides her focus to far away from Master Chief. Fans also fear that this new Halo story does not meet the games.