LOL: The champion who taught a great lesson to Riot and demonstrates the importance of errors

The biggest changes in the story of League of Legends have been written with errors. Still today we see how the company makes failed decisions that do not convince the community and have to end up eliminating or repairing some of the novelties included in the game. A rare phenomenon that usually relates to large additions that intend to refresh the gameplay. We have seen it, for example, with the already eliminated technochemical dragon. However, in the past the failures were much more serious and notable due to a very simple fact: the developers had no decade of experience working in the game.

RENGAR launch failure changed League of Legends

We do not necessarily have to catalog it as the most serious error of the developer because Riot Games employees have always indicated that League of Legends can be updated and that equilibrium failures are usually relatively easy to eliminate if there is a good design. However, the case of RENGAR is one of the most interesting since with it a tendency was discovered that has since accompanied most of the premieres of champions and has set a new launch strategy for the developer.

History explained it on Twitter Edgar Medina , who has been working in Riot Games for almost ten years and currently occupies the position of “_country manager” for the Iberian Peninsula and Italy. In it he counted as Rengar was a complete failure regarding victory rates during the first days after his premiere. The community hoped that he was a very much champion, but the first reactions were comments from the community in which jokes were made on the alleged lack of damage and resistances of him, assessing the character as one of the poorest that had never been released.

The criticisms of the developer followed and were not very different from those we continue to see in full 2022. However, the number was such that they were proposed to carry out an almost immediate power increase. Everyone agrees less the main designer of Rengar. Trevor “Classick” Romleski He insisted his teammates on an idea that today we take for granted: The champion had just left, was played differently from others and needed time for the community to understand the right way to play it He was not weak by the statistics of him, if not by generating a game pattern difficult to learn and with a high expert curve.

Just before launching an emergency patch that will increase the power of the then new League champion of Legends began to see how Classick’s intuition was not disregarded. The character began to climb his victory rate and pointed out good ways, but he was ‘bufó‘ since “_The process to schedule a ‘deploy’ was complicated.” A situation that had as a consequence that the character became the personification of hell for Riot Games. His power happened to be terrifying and, although he is not among the most broken champions in history, he did have important consequences.

Since then the League of Legends champions are launched with the knowledge that their victory rate will increase over the first days in a notorious way and this situation is taken into account. For example, in the case of Zeri the champion stood on the verge of being the worst premiere of history in terms of victory rate and without receiving changes in positive happened to be the most dominant shooter when the players discovered the Correct way to play it and what was your best build and now accumulates several consecutive nerfs.

This lesson was so important for Riot that Edgar Medina himself learned from her without having never been related to the Department of Champions . He simply became a legend in Riot Games and the philosophy of him transcended the design of champions. Country Manager himself has insured having used this learning when he performs different League of Legends promotion campaigns, knowing that sometimes things “_hay let them breathe.”