Brawl Stars – This is Bonnie: Skills, Date and how to get the new Changiaformas character

The developers of Brawl Stars have not been formed by presenting a single new character in the last BRAWL TALK . At the incorporation of Janet in the form of a chromatic Brawler you have to immediately add the future arrival of Bonnie . Supercell has wanted to play double or anything with a new heroine from the world of the show capable of changing so that she has one of the most interesting skill kits we have seen in recent times.

Bonnie skills, the most surprising brawler of season 12

At this point, we are more than tanned in the launch format of Brawl Stars characters. Supercell has revived the tradition and has not wanted to present many details about Bonnie, but what was seen in Brawl Talk is more than enough to draw conclusions. The new character will take the role of changes giving continuity to the trend initiated by MEG, although with a more spectacular gameplay that promises to become one of the great favorites of the community.

To talk about the first details of the skills, we need to separate the shape of her cannon from her from the disassembly of her.

Bonnie fit cannon

This form is characterized by having a reduced speed of movement, less damage and speed of attack. In return, it has much more health and scope.

  • Life: 7,800
  • Basic Attack : launches a long-range projectile that inflicts 1,650 damage to the enemies reached.
  • Super : Bonnie is thrown out of the canyon to release the disassembly form of it, inflicting an indeterminate amount of damage in the fall.

Janet & Bonnie Breakdown! | Update Info!

Bonnie disassembled

This form is characterized by having less health points and scope. In return, it increases the damage, the speed of movement and the speed of attack.

  • Life : 4,500
  • Basic Attack : Throw three cannon balls at a short distance. Each of them inflicts 1,000 points of damage.
  • Super : Bonnie returns to mounted on the canyon, restoring health points.

When will Bonnie be available and how do you get?

Unfortunately, Among the details you have not wanted to share Supercell are those related to the launch of Bonnie. Although we know that the new Brawler will be available throughout season 12, the concrete launch date or the method of obtaining has not been revealed. It is expected to be activated halfway.