DFB women highly motivated against Canada

Highly motivated, the German footballers go to the game against Olympic champion Canada on Sunday (21:15 o’clock / ARD-Livestream) at the Arnold Clark Cup.

“We are full of anticipation,” said Bundestrainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg before the game in English Norwich. “We play against the Olympic champion. They played (in the first match against England) 1: 1 and shown what they have for a good spirit.”

Canadian women’s hockey team wins gold at Beijing 2022
According to their somewhat lucky draw against Spain (1: 1), the Germans want to increase in the second game mainly in midfield. For the kick-off of the four-nation tournament, DFB women had largely provided the Spaniards.

“It was not so easy to accept that for us,” said Routinier Lena Magull. “You are not used to so little, that was honestly, a bit frustrating.”

However, the team tapered due to numerous failures, but Magull and Voss-Tecklenburg are safe, and wants to make it better against Canada. “We have already taken a lot from the Spain game,” emphasized the national trainer, “where we can be even more aggressive, even more alert – and offensive even more consistent and maybe a little more precision in our game.”

Horizon Forbidden West: All information about preload and memory size

In Horizon Forbidden West we can continue the adventure trip of Aloy and its allies in a few weeks. So that you can start the title as quickly as possible, it is advisable to download the Preload, provide the developer Guerrilla and Sony in advance. On Twitter, the Account PlayStation Game Size now reveal some details about the Preload of the Action Adventure.

10 Things To Know Before Playing Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West becomes a board

The preliminary information on Horizon Forbidden West refer to the PS5 version, which comes with some features that will not exist in the PS4 version. Nevertheless, the memory size is a good indication of being able to assess which storage space is needed.

What do I have to open on my PS4? Unfortunately, there are no exact information. We will therefore update the article as soon as new information reaches us.

What do I have to open up on my PS5 ? According to PlayStation Game Size, you have to have 96 GB ready. But the account indicates that the memory size in the database is displayed around 10-20 GB greater than when publishing. Thus, the following memory sizes result:

  • Displayed memory size in the database: 96 GB
  • Probable storage space requirement: approx. 76-86 GB

However, the day one patch released to the launch of Horizon Forbidden West is not included with many bugs. Thus, a few GB will be due for the launch, which you need to plan. The enormous memory requirement is due, among other things, to the detailed and large Open World. What kind of bombastic Open World you can place you is revealed by colleague Linda in your welcome conclusion:

Preload starts next week

When can I start with the Preload? Sony and Guerrilla will provide Preload for both PS5 and PS4 for about a week before the publication of Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Preload: 11. February 2022
  • Launch: 18. February 2022

Horizon Forbidden West will provide an approximate season of around 23 hours, trophy hunters have to expect around 62 hours. The end is already committed, but by the decisions that you meet with Aloy, it can affect it minimally.

If you need more information about the Launch of Horizon Forbidden West, you should not miss the following news:

  • Horizon Forbidden West Trailer shows the tribes and they look pretty cool
  • Horizon Forbidden West Rating gives evidence of same-sex relationships
  • Horizon Forbidden West introduces food for Aloy, but it’s not survival mechanics

If you buy the PS4 version for the release and switch to the PS5 version at a later date, this is not a problem: the free PS5 upgrade is available for all owners * inside the PS4 version.

Do you have to create storage space on your PS console or are you ready for the Preload?