Twitch bad for the psyche New evaluation function is not good

Via Twitter, Twitch has announced a new function for the LiveStreaming page. Streamer now have the opportunity to see about the dashboard why a subscriber has not renewed his subscription. To choose from the subscriber, inter alia: financial reasons, schedule of audience, schedule of streamer, the payment method or poor interaction.

New Twitch feature is not received well

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According to Twitch Streamer should get the opportunity to get more data analysis and can improve their stream based on the feedback. In the community, this new option is not very positive. It’s a feature that nobody has always asked.

Why these evaluations could damage

Livestreaming lives as social media also of par asocial interactions. Some viewers are proud if their sub-message is read or the streamer is pleased if someone has been there for many months. How does the subscriber feel well if his favorite score suddenly has to read that one can no longer afford the subscription for financial reasons?
Twitch: bad for the psyche? New evaluation function is not good (2) Source: Twitch on the other side say great streamer, that you should save the money for a subscription of course if you have money problems. This new feature could also have a negative impact for the streamer. The psychic health of a distinguished streamer will certainly not be better if he sees that a few people are not interested in his content or do not fit the streaming times.

Pressure for both sides

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The streamer is pressed under pressure because its content is questioned. The subscriber device under pressure because the reason for his subscription termination is now also visible to the streamer. Both sides are therefore there as a loser. Whether Streamer really adapt their streaming schedule or change their content because a few people click on the option is questionable.

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