How the Buddy Pass works at Rainbow Six Extraction. Requirements and limitations to consider to play for free

How to play Rainbow Six Extraction (and use the Buddy Pass)
A week after its launch and with three million people playing Rainbow Six Extraction, Ubisoft will finally enable this same afternoon the Buddy Pass . Or what is the same, the friend pass so others can play for free.

However, there is a small print . Beyond the method of inviting, not everything will be advantages and is accompanied by limitations that must be taken into account and that we go down to dispel any kind of doubt.

Questions and answers around Buddy Pass

From the entrance, as it happens with other games with this feature, the Buddy Pass is used for people who do not have the game can play free thanks to the invitation of a person who has full game . And this is not the exception with Rainbow Six Extraction **, except for a somewhat ephemeral gift nature.

But let’s go for points.

when it is activated

At 4:00 pm, Spanish Peninsular Time (09: 00h in Mexico City) on January 27, 2022.

What do I need to play

A person will have to have the full game. The other two, only the trial version to download on PlayStation and Xbox, or PC consoles.

Where is the Rainbow Six Extraction trial version download

It will be enabled at the same time that the Buddy Pass is activated. And it will be downloaded from PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Ubisoft Store or Epic Games Store, depending on the system from which you want to play people who are going to be invited.

How long allows you to play a test and what does it include

Ubisoft will give access to two hours of the full game with the test, blocking only the Extreme Malestrom protocol mode and access to the In-Game store. All our progress will be saved if we finally want to buy the game.

Is there any game limitation with the Buddy Pass?

Yes. The maximum game time with an invitation is set in 14 days.

What happens if the 14 days of invitation are exhausted?

Based on the basis that the Buddy Pass does not exhaust the 2 hours of the initial test, if you exceed 14 game days with said friend pass you can not continue playing… unless another person gives us another tab of Buddy Pass.

And you can play between different game systems?

Yes, being Rainbow Six Extraction a shooter with cross-game. Now, if you play on PlayStation or Xbox consoles you will have to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, respectively. Needless to say that if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, nor will the Buddy Pass be missing when you have access to the full game.

How is the process to invite with Buddy Pass

With your Linked Ubisoft account, both in consoles and PC, within the game you will have to invite your squad to the two people you want to play to be able to send them later an invitation from Buddy Pass from your list of friends. In both cases, access is from the upper right section of the main menu, pull-down with the button and or the triangle according to the control / system.