Boris Becker: All developments and answers on the process against tennis

This Friday, the judgment in the trial against German tennis legend Boris Becker will be announced. If the 54-year-old is sentenced to a prison sentence, he would have to go to prison. But which prison would Becker be put into? And how long would he have to sit there in the worst case? Boris answers the most important questions.

Boris Becker, process: What is the indictment against the tennis legend?

Already on April 8, a jury of ten jury was partly guilty. The Justizares saw four of the 24 charges as proven. Among them fell into the non-material laying of possessions, the covering of debt and several transactions unauthorized to other accounts.

Originally there were also hidden trophy values on the calculation list. However, the jury was not sufficiently proven.

Boris Becker, process: What could the judgment be?

In the worst case, the laws in Great Britain provide for a prison sentence of seven years for Becker’s offenses. However, there is also a conviction for probation or a (high) fine in the area of the possible. Becker can then contest the judge’s decision.

Boris Becker, 3-Time Tennis Champion, Heads To Prison
“In the event of a guilty verdict in four charges, this does not automatically mean that the punishment must be four times as difficult as with just one indictment point,” said right-wing expert Shiv Haria Shah in an interview with the ard studio London.

Boris Becker in the profile

Full name Boris Franz Becker
Birthday 22. November 1967
Place of birth Glue
Size 1.91 meters
1. Professional season 1984
Resignation 25. June 1999
Game hand right (one -handed backhand)
Career title 49
Grand Slam title 6 (Australian Open 1991, 1996; Wimbledon (1985, 1986, 1989); US Open (1989)

Boris Becker, process: How likely is a prison sentence?

According to legal expert Patrick Jacobshagen, a prison sentence is “very likely. There can be a few years in prison for this. Three to four years, according to other colleagues up to five. The maximum sentence of seven years is rarely imposed,” said Jacobshagen in conversation With FOCUS Online.

The legal systems in Great Britain and Germany differ from each other, “they are quite uniform in this crime,” said the expert. “Anyone who gives false information about their assets as an insolvent person must expect high punishments. The Anglo-American law, here the British, is considered tough.”

BORIS BECKER, Process: Who makes judgment and sentence?

The judgment and the associated sentence is announced by the British judge Deborah Taylor and expected at lunchtime. Taylor is considered hard chunks in court judgments and is primarily known for their trial against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. In May 2019, she condemned this to 50 weeks in prison after he had violated the deposits.

“The judge will take into account the condition of the accused and how severe the damage that his behavior caused will also take into account,” said Haria Shah. “The defense will have brought arguments for mitigating circumstances, and the public prosecutor also makes suggestions on the sentence. In the end, the decision lies solely with the judge.”

During the negotiation, Taylor had repeatedly pointed out that Becker had already been sentenced to a probation and fine in a court proceedings for tax evasion in Munich.

BORIS BECKER, process: When would the tennis legend have to compete?

If Becker has to go to prison, he would have to start his prisoner today. Any objections from Beckers would not change this.

Boris Becker, guilty verdict: Which prison would the tennis legend come to?

In the event of a prison sentence, Becker would probably come to the Wandsworth prison in the South London district of London Borough of Wandsworth.

The prison started in 1851 and is currently the second largest prison in Great Britain after the Liverpool prison. It was once a pure men’s prison, but women are now also housed there. A total of 1416 offenders have space there.

The prison consists of two building complexes. In the Heathfield Center, the main prison, the prisoners are housed in five wings with four floors each. The smaller complex called Onslow Center consists of three wings and has a capacity of 330 prisoners. There are mostly sex offenders there.

In 2010, Assange was also accommodated in 2010. “There were crazy pedophiles there, who kept talking about their crimes all night. You heard her calls all night,” he said in a later interview.

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    Research by BBC also brought the widespread drug use in prison to light in 2016.
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E-Sport Association Schleswig

Since 2019, the state government in Schleswig-Holstein has been increasingly investing in the infrastructure of the escort. In 2019 alone, half a million euros flowed in the establishment of facilities on club level and the ‘Land Center for Esport and Digitization SH’ (Lez SH) in Kiel.

Now the Land E-Sport Association Schleswig-Holstein founded in June 2021 takes up his game operation. Accordingly, the first publicly funded Landeszentrum in Germany follows a renewed nationwide premiere.

Investment in the offspring

One Up National Grand Championships Day 1 ~ East Celebrity Elite Lady Steel
On July 3, 2022, the final of the first official national championships takes place as part of GameVervention in the Holstenhallen Neum√ľnster, Schleswig-Holstein.

“After we were most importantly concerned with the establishment of our association structures and the preparatory work on the state election in Schleswig-Holstein, we now look forward to finally starting in the game operation,” said the project manager of the EVSH Land Championships Daniela Stahl.

20,000 euros of funding will provide the Interior Ministry of Schleswig-Holstein to carry out the event. Center Kristina Autumn refers to the “epitome of junior promotion” to support the country:

“With the national championships, the Esportlers and Esportlers Schleswig-Holstein’s three professionally organized tournaments are offered, so they can collect and grow first stage experience in their federal state.”

Three national champions wanted

You are looking for the national masters in FIFA 22, League of Legends (LOL) and Rocket League. For this, the qualification cups in LOL start on April 30th. Rocket League and FIFA 22 episodes on May 7 and May 15th.

Participation is intended for both clubs and single players from 14 years residing in Schleswig-Holstein. If the players belong to no college group or no club, the team must consist of two-thirds from Schleswig-Holstein players.

On the winning teams and playing will wait a weekend in the boot camp of Lez Sh in Kiel. Who wants to become one of the first Schleswig-Holstein national masters in FIFA 22, Rocket League or Lol, can register here for the tournaments.

FIFA 23: CrossSplay, women

Despite reports on friction companies between Electronic Arts and the World Football Association FIFA, which should even have led to EA CEO Andrew Wilson called the cooperation as “non-rigorous”, the next offshoot of football simulation is heard again according to the insider Tom Henderson on the name FIFA 23.

FIFA 23, despite emergent receivables and rumors, according to Henderson’s sources will not appear free-to-play, sets for the first time in the history of the series on CrossSplay between Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

In addition, in the coming offshoot should be represented in addition to the as usual numerous licensed leagues of the different countries, both the men and women’s World Cup.

Also on the technical side is to be expected some improvements. So it should now enable the Hypermotion technology introduced with FIFA 22 to create animations by stadium camera recordings of real footballers during playing.


Through this innovation, it should have been possible for the team to capture more than 100 times more in a single league season than ever previously in the entire 29-year history of the brand.