Gran Turismo Sophy: a superhuman IA developed by Sony, explanations

Extra from new technologies, Sony has always invested in the Research & Development and its new subsidiary, Sony Ai has been working for a new form of artificial intelligence that is now presented in good shape. Baptized Gran Turismo Sophy, this revolutionary and mostly superhuman, will not be present at the launch of Gran Turismo 7; But in the following month. In the meantime, Sony wants to show us how this program has succeed in surpassing the best drivers of Gran Turismo Sport such as Emily Jones, Valerio Gallo and Igor Fraga, and at two Events Race Together 2021 Challenge that took place on July 2, 2021 and October 21, 2021. How is it possible? Well, GT Sophy’s peculiarity is to have a new deeply developed learning platform developed by Sony AI, PDI and SIE. The program analyzes and can then control all the driving skills to be more efficient than a human being:

1. Running car control: Fine understanding of automotive dynamics, trajectories and precision maneuvers to conquer difficult circuits.

The Making of Gran Turismo Sophy [English]
2. Race tactics: Ability to make a quarter turn decisions to adapt to the rapid evolution of race situations. GT Sophy has demonstrated its mastery of tactics such as surpassing in wake, crossed overruns and even defensive maneuvers like blocking.

3. Race label: To become a Fair play model, GT Sophy had to comply with very refined but blurred sportsmanship rules, such as the avoidance of collisions by fault and respect for the trajectories of the opponents.

With such a skill degree, GT Sophy will come to measure themselves to players around the world in the next Gran Turismo 7. Sony Interactive Entertainment said that his integration will be effective in the month after the game exit, which should then redefine The whole notion of competition when plays solo, facing the IA. The idea of ​​elsewhere is not to systematically beat non-professional players, but offer them this permanent challenge that will allow them to repel their performance, as the Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony Ai.

Gran Turismo Sophy marks a milestone in the development of the IA whose goal is not just to be better than human players, but also to offer them a stimulating opponent able to accelerate and pass the techniques and The creativity of the players at a higher speed.

And to believe the words of professional runners, this GT Sophy gives the impression of not competing with an artificial intelligence and that it can also serve as a coach, or gaming companions for the drivers. We can not wait to test that.