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Wow The known mistakes from Dragonflight

dragon riding

  • Demon Hunter
  • Shattered repair does not increase the recovery of soul fragments from shattered souls and does not upgrade the tooltip values of shattered souls.
  • The tooltip worth for the damage hellish armor is not upgraded in second location with a not designated skill point.
  • Vengeance
  • The demon made of food for the flame no longer passes away with a eleven toss.
  • Druid
  • Wildness
  • In the tooltip of Graham her Herd (PVP), incorrect coincidence is pointed out.
  • Caller
  • The work of a support magic, when the affix supports of ‘Donner’ is active, results in a desynchronization of the magic bar.
  • Hunter
  • Animals created by call the wilderness momentarily prevent using animal healing.
  • Jagged shots do not increase the damage from master of precision.
  • Animalism lowers the damage caused by call of the wilderness.
  • Widen is twice affected by champion: sniper training.
    When the overview mode is deactivated, The emphasis on the guardian is shown as a victim beam animation.
  • Fast shot is not executed if the weapon is transmogrified into another weapon type.
  • Paladin
  • Protection
  • The secondary PRC on glowing light is no longer displayed on the personal resource UI.
  • Villain
  • Dungeon and slaughterhouse opponents are immune to distracting.
  • Shaman
    When a circumstance are gone into or logged out, The auras of lightning, water and earth shields vanish.

An MMO like WoW is so intricate that bugs can never ever be avoided totally. No matter how many weeks or months the test servers run, smaller sized mistakes sneak in the release variation. It is not various with Dragon Flight The current wow extension appears rather round initially look, but on closer inspection you discover a bunch of mistakes and bugs. Most of them are not so remarkable that the same complete loot tables from unusual mobs have to be switched off.

When other dragons are shown in the preview with the storm-eater and the Gladiator Skin, The user interface of the renewed photo dragon and the highland dragon is no longer displayed.

List of known errors in WoW (Buy now): Dragon Flight.


For this purpose, the designers have actually released a list of widely known mistakes on which they are currently working on. That the gamers see on the one hand that the video game takes care of the video game and on the other hand an already known error is not continued, and the support personnel costs important time.

dungeons and slaughterhouse


  • Khanate, the very first light shows ‘adventurer’ as a selectable class.

  • The Tran smog set leather carrier is available for everyone.

  • Andean can be shown in the Tran smog window for knapsacks pink, disorganized hair.
  • There are unreachable products in two Rather Tran smog sets, which avoids the sets from completing.

player characters

  • Ruby basin
  • Karaoke has no aggro table till it has entirely landed at 50% health.
  • If Karaoke is defeated in front of Elkhart, the flame puddles do not hurt the gamers.
  • Schoolmate
  • The rush capability of the warriors can cause a disturbance of the connection or death.
  • Temple of the Jade Cong
  • The rush ability of the warriors can result in a disruption of the connection or death.

gamers against players

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  • Characters can not be moved on the screen choice on the character choice.
  • The user interface can only be used for 4 rewards for main portions.
  • Down can lead to a delay in the magic compared to duplicated pushing of the button.
  • In the levels of On’ aura, the area texts are on the map in the wrong place.
  • Card and minimal signs can disappear into Valdrakken.

  • Craft orders that have ended or have been broken down indicate the text Order finished at the leading right of the window, although the order was not satisfied.

  • Mining
  • The Titan Touch sub-Path for the specialization tree Master of the aspects incorrectly reveals the description for the 40-point copper than the outside circuit copper. The intended impact is that the activation of Titan touched uses a short-term player enthusiast if you break down the knot and the 40-point copper Titan touched the ability to return to websites that are touched by overwhelming Titan – nodes have emerged.

An MMO like WoW is so intricate that bugs can never ever be prevented entirely. No matter how many weeks or months the test servers run, smaller mistakes creep in the release variation. The latest wow extension appears quite round at very first glance, however on closer assessment you discover a bunch of mistakes and bugs. For this function, the developers have published a list of widely known errors on which they are currently working on. That the gamers see on the one hand that the game takes care of the video game and on the other hand a currently known error is not continued, and the assistance staff costs important time.



Philipp Settler.

  • Players can not currently make deadly saddles.
  • Enigmattecture and Emporium domain are not available.
  • Fire sample from Nonhuman
  • Abilities directed to the ground (such as Ring DES Frosts or Fire Rain) that are worked on the ramps in the arena can be hard to see.

  • On the other side one character opens the safe for other characters.

  • In the dark coasting war front, Maier shadows after he has worked mass vengeance.
  • In the magic tower of the destruction witch master, Mormon of Leviathan and his skills are invisible, and Sugar Blood totem can appear as a female person.
  • Layers of On’ aura.
  • The initiated Orig no longer appears when submitting Eyewear destroyers or reagents of the mysticism.
  • On Madurai the carts sink on the unequal surface.
  • Hypoxic winds up in the middle of the air for photo problems.

  • Rosa The decimated does not create a bonus goal/no perk job.
  • Scale seeker Meters does not produce a bonus offer quest.
  • Master Adler Izaak does not produce a benefit quest.
  • Wind viewfinder Awash does not produce a reward mission.
  • The noshed offensive: keeper of the creators lacks quest victim.
  • Thaldraszus.
  • The number of time hiking guards changes in The Group of when and now that method when you break off the quest after beating the gigantic causality.
  • In the Bankettlacht, the interaction with tables triggers unexpected cam behavior.
  • The reset of the bonus target encounter ancient protector indicates that the ancient protector can no longer be targeted.


  • Forbidden island.
  • The last order suggests empty quest text when the quest has actually started.

AMD FIDELITYFX Super Resolution 2.0 will be compatible with Xbox

Last year AMD revealed FidelityFX Super Resolution , a technology that seeks to compete with what it does nvidia with dlss . Now, the company revealed that an improved version technology will be “fully supported at xbox ” and will be available at xbox gdk for future games of developers who are recorded.

The idea behind this technology is to allow developers to offer an incredible image quality and improve the FPS, as you can see below with Deathloop .

The first version of FidelityFX Super Resolution began arriving at xbox in mid-2021, and there were already some developers who took advantage of it. With FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0, Your creators seek to take this technology beyond:

How The Performance Boost For Xbox Series X/S & PS5 Works | AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0

“AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 technology has been developed from 0, and is the result of years of research by AMD. It has been designed to offer a better image quality compared to FSR 1.0, our climbing solution launched in June 2021. “

We will have to wait a little longer to know how this technology is impacting games developments for xbox , but it certainly sounds like something promising.

Editor’s note: It is always good to see the different companies creating technologies that, at the end of the day, they will end up benefiting every1. Maybe these implementations can become somewhat subtle, but it is always preferable to have them.