Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo How well do you understand the 3 large console producers?

Are you a genuine multi-gamer?
Test your knowledge of the 3 big publishers in our quiz.
When the gaming industry was still young, many companies tried to put a foot in the quickly growing entertainment sector and to bring their own consoles onto the marketplace.
The majority of them stopped working, and the numerous makers only handled to develop themselves: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.
In the previous 20 years, the Grove 3 has actually drawn out a number of generations of consoles and have actually now become undisputed market leaders who can not be easily bumped into by their throne.
Everybody has already composed video gaming history several times and decisively shaped the vibrant landscape of the computer game.
We therefore need to know: How well do you actually understand your method around with the 3 big publishers?
Learn in our test.
How does the test work?
In the test tool below, we have assembled 10 concerns about the 3 major console makers for you.


A few of them will discover you easy, others are currently crisp and require good trivia understanding about the hardware and software of the Grove 3.
In the end you get a score that reveals how many questions you answered correctly.
In between there are small trivia snacks on the particular questions that offer interesting information about Sony, MS and Nintendo.
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What concerns did you find especially difficult and which ones were totally easy?
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