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A Dune Survival game? Yeah, but please reasonably!

The online survival game for Dune from Funcom can actually only be a Fremen simulator.

The Dune brand is currently at a new 1. The film by Denis Villeneuve from last year brought Frank Herbert Herbert’s work closer who have never been interested in the books beforehand (I speak from my own experience). At the same time, there is new food for fans who also like to play. Since the end of April you have been able to immerse yourself in the fascinating sci-fi world, thanks to the early access version of Dune: Spice Wars. It is not the first game based on the book series, but no developer had touched the brand since 2001.

The strategy title is well received. The user reviews on Steam are 82 percent positive. This should not only look forward to the developer studio Shiro Games (Northgard, Wartales), but also Funcom. The Norwegian publishers Dune: Spice War it and have much more in mind with the license. As early as 2019, they announced that they were working on an open world multiplayer game, as PC Gamer reported at the time. It is now clear: the thing will be a survival game. There are no details about the content yet. Funcom only says that it is his most ambitious project so far and plays on Arrakis.

Conan exiles 2?

Now Funcom is not an inexperienced team when it comes to adapting literary classics and developing survival games. The greatest success of the Scandinavians so far is Conan Exiles. Will the Dune game just be the same in green? Or let’s say better, in light brown, because there is not a lot of green on the desert planet (at least not at the beginning).

I can only make guesswork at this point, but one thing is clear to me: If the Dune Survival game inherits the basic recipe of Conan Exile’s (sandbox character, big world with many players, PVE and PvP servers), then gives It is only an option for Funcom: the game must be located before the first book trilogy, more precisely before the ATreide house was taken over on Arrakis.

survival professionals for a survival game

I imagine this: The players slip into the skin of Fremen who try to survive in the desert world. The Harkennen rule the planet with iron hardness and are the primary computer opponents. Players who join together form a tribe and either drive with other groups trade or fight against them, just like in Conan Exiles. The Fremen offer themselves wonderfully as a player faction because they are not a united nation before the events of the book trilogy. Conflicts among player tribes would therefore not completely contradict the Lore of Dune.

In addition, Fremen do not live in big cities and therefore generally offer more for a survival game than the other political groups from the books. What would be the attraction of playing someone from the Harkonen or Areides house who has its existence behind safe city walls? Apart from that: the Fremen are those who have developed the distillets that supply their carrier with reprocessed water, for which their own sweat and also urine serves as a source. This clothing should not be missing in a dune game that deals with the struggle for survival in the desert.

Water is life

The entire water theme in general: there is nothing more valuable for Fremen. For them, everyone is only worth as much as the water of their body and their ability to collect the vital liquid. Dead are not buried or burned. Instead, the dead still is used to withdraw the water to your bodies. If we could play characters from other peoples in the survival game, the cool wet would of course be important for them, but with Fremen everything is about it. They would best match a game in which the procurement of water would be a much more important, more pronounced gameplay element than in any other genre representative.

Now the game could also be settled on Arrakis after the takeover of Haus Areides. The idea that the players exclusively embody Fremen could still be implemented. However, there is no longer any enemy human NPC parliamentary group, since the hars would no longer be on site. “Yes, but they later attack Arrakis, plunge Haus Areides and take over again?” Yes, right, but shortly afterwards Paul Atreides begins to combine the Fremen into a great nation. Now it may be for a survival game that will probably not tell a prescribed story anyway, it doesn’t matter how short this period is. But if Funcom wants to be on the safe side, the studio is better advised to take up the time before the ATreides arrives on Arrakis.

Fremen - Dune: Spice Wars | 1

I want to ride and fly

Now that I have outlined the basic idea that the Dune Survival game should have in my opinion, of course I still have to go into two elements that every fan knows and loves and who should not be missing in the title: Sandworms and Ornithopter. On the one hand, the former would be a great danger (just like sandstorms that are also a mandatory element), on the other hand: If we are not allowed to ride on the giant monsters in the game, there is a huge outcry.

I have had a game in which I can climb into the cockpit of an ornithopter, since I was going to the cinema last year. And since such a thing is already shown on the concept drawing to the game (teaser image of this article), it would be a huge disclaimer if Funcom would install it but did not let us be controlled. I can already imagine it: As a group, you sneak into a base of the hars, steals an ornithopter, pulls out of then and is happy to have a strong argument in every confrontation with opposing Fremen tribes.

If Funcom now follow my advice/wishes/friendly requests (you do it that way, ok?!), Then I’m really looking forward to the game. However, I would much prefer an RPG or action adventure without a multiplayer component. I like survival sandboxes, but the Dune universe offers great potential for exciting stories. An online game with PvP will never exploit this. But hey, maybe Funcom will still find a team of development who takes on this job. Until then, I would be satisfied with a tribe of sandworm riders and ornithopter pilots to conquer the multiplayer desert world.