The Last of Us: This actress should play Riley in the series

After a Christmas break, the crew of The Last of US returned to Calgary in Canada to continue the shooting of the HBO series. Still until June 2022, the cameras should run on site. In the field of arrival, new rumors have surfaced, which may reveal the actress behind the role of Riley in the Last of Us.

Euphoria actress probably in conversation as Riley in The Last of Us

Attentive fans noticed that the actress Storm Reid landed at the same time in Canada like the production crew. Even more clearly, the hints were then with an Instagram contribution of the mother of Storm Reid. It has been from a popular video game the speech that transformed into a TV series. The actress is especially known for its role in Euphoria (also at HBO). She also had a small appearance in The Suicide Squad .


When does Riley appear in the history of The Last of Us?

While Season 1 of the series is at the heart of the Story of the first video game of The Last of Us (now buy), the responsible persons also seem to include the prequel DLC left behind . Here is the friendship of Ellie and Riley the focus. Now it looks that we can see the two in the series too.

Who plays in The Last of Us?

Meanwhile, numerous actresses are known, which belong to the adaptation of The Last of Us. The main roles of Joel and Ellie are played by Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones). Diego Luna takes over the role of Joel’s Brother Tommy. Also, there are Anna Torn as Tess and Nick Offer man as Bill.

When and where can The Last of Us be seen in Germany?

According to current speculation, the first episodes of The Last of US will be published this year . As a partner of HBO, the series is very likely to see Sky .