How to get to Colizes in Elden Ring

From Software has released a new update for Elden Ring, which adds to the PVP-Arena game.
These areas, known as Copies, existed in intermediate lands, but the gates, finally, can be open.
You will need a good assembly to cope with these new problems when you encounter other players in the arena.
Here’s how to get to three Copies in Elden Ring.

How to get to the Coliseum Improve in Elden Ring

Colosseum Improve is the first Colosseum available to you in Elden Ring.
To get to the Coliseum Improve, start the place of grace with the warrior hut and also head right north.
Colosseum is located on the edge of the cliff.

How to get to Called Colosseum in Elden Ring

Called Colosseum is the most inaccessible Colosseum.
The best way to get to the Coliseum of Valid is to go down to the Sofia River.
To the Sofia River can be reached from the east of Improve, and to the north of Fort Hate is a well of the Sofia River.
From the Sofia River, move to the northeast.
On the other side of the Sofia River there is another well, a deep Sofia well.
To activate this lift, you will need two keys of a stone sword.
After activation, raise the elevator back to the surface.
You will leave Called to the valley leading to Called Colosseum.
Follow the valley path to the north, avoiding arrows of golems to get to the Coliseum.

How to get to the Coliseum Randell in Elden Ring

Randell, or royal Colosseum, is available only after the atlas plateau reaches.
Colosseum is located inside the royal capital.


The Western capital shaft, the place of grace is the closest fertile site.
From here, follow the shaft to the southwest and climb the steps.
Follow the path to the Coliseum and follow the two duelists guarding the entrance.
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Ubisoft: takeover with matching offer possible

High priced acquisitions are rather the rule in recent months within the gaming industry than the exception. Starting with Zenimax, about Zynga and Activision until recently bungie, there were some billion-heavy acquisitions of well-known companies.

During a business conference, Ubisoft-CEO Yves Guillemot were now asking whether in the near future also the French game developer and publisher could bloom a similar destiny.

Although he believes that Ubisoft could continue to remain independent, all offers for the purchase of the company would be examined in the interest of stakeholders:

“We have always made decisions in the interest of our stakeholders, these are our employees, players and shareholders. Ubisoft can remain independent: we have the talent, the financial possibilities and a large portfolio of original IPS. “

“But if there is a purchase offer for us, the board would of course be examined in the interest of all stakeholders.”

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Also CFO Frederick Duguet underpins the statements of his colleague and emphasizes the company’s ability to stay independent in the future. For speculation on any takeover offers or prospects, the two executives did not want to comment:

“What we can say is that we have high-quality assets. We have the size to stay independent and to create very significant values ​​in the future because we have the necessary size in terms of our workforce, technology, technology, intellectual property and dedicated communities. “

“That’s why we are able to use as many platforms with such high quality content today.”

“Of course, we will not comment on speculation about potential interest in a Ubisoft purchase.”