Square ENIX will add NFT to your games

Square Enix surprised everyone in the new year and dropped a bomb on the fans of his production. CEO Yoke Matsuda In the latest news to the whole community, he spoke about ITF, Meters and Blockchina-based games. It intends to introduce these technologies to games that have their offer, so there is a probability that before or later FFI will receive ITF.

As you could expect, the reaction of fans is not too favorable, and the majority adopted this message negatively, wanting Square UNIX changed his mind and withdrew from plans to introduce cryptowalut to their titles. Could the company get too greed and thinks only about earnings? Well, we know what popularity gain play-to-ear games, even if this Mir4, which beats records in the quantities of players.

On the other hand, a little hypocrisy flies here. As you know, FFI has recently struggled with problems related to the translation of servers. The premiere of the new End walker supplement and many volunteers caused huge queues and problems. The creators wanted to improve and enlarge the server capacity, but by deficiencies in the equipment, they blamed mainly for this crypt oped, and now they are not so bad, a strange matter.

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