The Witcher Season 2 Who is Lambert

The Bruno Season 2 is almost here, and one. One of the most anticipated aspects of the season involves the additional pitchers that are part of the cast. That includes Semi, Asked and Coin, but one of the most intriguing additions is Lambert, since in the other Witcher material he has memorable and convincing interactions not only with Gerald but also with Cirri. Paul Bullion will interpret Lambert in the Witcher season 2, and as I said in our review, it is the perfect casting for the mixture of sarcasm and Lambert’s heart. As part of The Witcher Cram of, we are here to update it over everything you need to know about Lambert, and you can find all our Witcher Cram items right here!

Like Gerald, Lambert was trained by semi and is one of the last sorcerers on being trained in Keyed Moorhen after the attack he knocked down school. Unlike Gerald’s Road to be a Bruno, Lambert really had no other option in the matter, since after his father (who was terrible for him and his mother) was saved by a sorcerer, they claimed the law of surprise And ending going. With them.

Since then, he has been training as a sorcerer, and although he is very good at what he does, in the games he is a bit resentful for that. In the games, he becomes jealous of Gerald’s notoriety and, in some places, of popularity, although that still does not seem to influence the season.

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What does influence is when Gerald leads Cirri to Keyed Moorhen? The sarcastic nature and the ingenuity of Lambert, unfortunately, excites a little with Cirri, although he realizes her and even helps to train it. Lambert is not the biggest admirer of TRIES, whom he always refers as Marigold, and although he helps her if it is absolutely necessary, he will not take advantage of the opportunity to help her, and have had discussions. In the past.

Lambert is also present for the great battle in Witcher 3 against The Wild Hunt at Keyed Moorhen, and depending on the decisions you take and the actions you take, he can die in that battle, but he can also live and even live while he also finds love.

That should give you up to date with Lambert, and you can find all our Witcher Cram content right here! You can also talk to me about everything related to Witcher on Twitter @mattaguilarcb!