Yu -Gi -Oh writer Death to rescue people in the water reveals the situation

It was reported that Kabuki Takanashi, the original cartoonist of Yu-Gi-Oh, who was sorry for the world’s fandom in July 2022, had been attempted to rescue citizens who were drowned at the time.

This was somewhat unexpectedly reported in an article on October 11 by the US Department of Defense, Stars & Stripes. This article introduces the anecdotes of Major Robert Borgia, who rescued three lives in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

The 49-year-old US Army, a scuba diving instructor, visited Okinawa’s famous diving spots on July 4 and found two civilians and one soldier. The site was not only a torrent and a whirlpool but also a 180 cm high wave, but Borgia was able to rescue three people at the end of his life.

For this, he recently received a soldier’s medal. The soldier’s medal is a medal that the US military is awarded to a soldier who did heroic behaviors outside the battle.

However, according to US military investigations, it was not just Major. The artist Takanashi Kabuki, who was on the scene, was also known to have jumped into the water to save people.

The reason why this situation was unknown through the media seems to be because it is not the official position of the Japan Maritime Security Agency. According to Stars & Stripes, the Japan Maritime Security Agency did not confirm whether Takanashi participated in actual rescue activities.

The US Army, on the other hand, said in its own investigation that it has obtained several testimonies that describe Takanashi’s actions in detail. Scuba diving students who were on the scene with Borgia are also known to have witnessed Takanashi.

In the case of Borgia, he did not see Takanashi, who jumped into the water during rescue, and did not rescue him because he first saved a person and finally had his strength. Borgia said, Takanashi is a hero. He lost his life to save others, he said.