The Witcher (Work Title): CD project Red demonstrates that Ciri becomes the new protagonist

Together with the announcement of a new Witcher title, which is to be the beginning of a new saga, the team of CD project Red a teaser image released with a hexeer medallion covered by the snow. The symbol in the form of a cat-like animal head immediately sparked some theories around the settings of the new game. So, u.a. assumed that Ciri could become the new protagonist, as she had lost such a trailer in the Witcher book “The Lady of the Lake”. It was explicitly for a cat medallion, which contributed members of the cat school, a union of unpredictable witches, which can not be deterred to be deterrent.

Is Ciri the Main Character of The Witcher 4? - IGN Daily Fix
Before this speculation could solidify too much, Robert Malinowski, Global Communication Director of CD project turned on Red and revealed a little more about the mysterious medallion. In conversation with Eurogamer he confirmed that it is not like fans adopted around the head of a cat, but about the head of a lynx. This means that the Witcher world will get a completely new witcher school in the new title.

This is not very unusual, because the developers have taken some creative freedom for their Witcher video game series. In Andrzej Sapkowski’s template novels, only the schools of the Wolf (Geralt, the protagonist of predecessor games belongs to this), the cat and gripping. The game developers added the snake, bear and manicor school in their games.

The Laßerschule was already mentioned in another context: it is part of a popular Witcher fanfiction story, a story written by a fan. Well-known Witcher characters like Lambert and Keira Metz play an important role in it. It is not known if the developers were influenced by this story.