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LOL: The worst champions in each position that you should not play after the middle of the season

League of Legends He addresses one of the biggest changes that players have never seen. Riot Games has decided to listen to the constant complaints of the community about excessive damage and prepare a great patch in which the survival of all the champions of the game will increase. An unprecedented change that will change the most powerful characters from one day to another. Any tender list that we have attended until that moment will serve. Although the gameplay will not change so much, this will blur and new account when determining the power of the characters.

The 10 WORST CHAMPIONS You SHOULDN'T PLAY for Season END! - League of Legends

The worst champions after the big change of League of Legends

Although there was never such uncertainty regarding the future of League of Legends, the new game board is clear. The effective damage will be reduced between 10 and 20% depending on the time of the game or the chosen character. This situation will make the fights longer, the most valuable cures and have opportunities to counteract the enemy proposals. The big losers in general terms will be the characters of explosive damage, which in many cases will have to hit more skills to end their enemies. In this way, they will have to be very skilled and expose themselves much more.

It is impossible to determine what will be the exact power of each and every one of the League of Legends champions, We will focus on extreme cases . These are the ones that star in the characters whose performance promises to fall into dive. Heroes with characteristics that are especially punished by the adjustments announced by Riot Games and in which the differences between the old situation and the new one is too large. There are very clear examples, such as Talon’s, which with the new characteristics will not be able to end his rivals in the MID lane of a single combo.

It should be noted that The concept of worst champions only affects the average player . We will calculate it taking into account the most populated qualifying ranges, the current statistics of the characters and the information shared by Riot Games. However, this does not mean yes or if you have to stop playing with your favorite character. In the end, the new League of Legends will be very similar to what we already know and be very good with a certain champion can be enough to overcome any handicap. However, if we recommend avoiding the characters that we will mention if you have love to your MMR.

Danny Latza is missing Schalke 04 until the end of the year

Danny Later will forget this first half of the year as quickly as possible. The native Gelsenkirchen, who was transferred from Mainz back to his youth club Schalke in the summer, has re-violated and falls out for weeks.

On the first match day, the Schalke Captain had hurt his second division prelude against the Hamburger SV (1: 3) heavily on the outer tape and then missing three months. Against Dresden (3: 0) he celebrated his short comeback, followed by three expandable starting fields (Danny notes 3.5, 5 and 5).

At 1: 2 on St. Pauli suffered Later, who becomes 32 today, on the weekend — after a minimum of 73 minutes — a muscle injury and will not be available for the rest of the year 2022. The Schalke must already do without her top gate man Simon Eroded, with coach Dimitrios Grammars because of a corona infection still in domestic quarantine.

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Waiting is called Marius Butler. In the second best S04 scorers, eye-catching blood levels had been detected after the booster vaccine, it should be examined again today. With the results is expected at the earliest on Wednesday.