Nexons new, sushi restaurant Dave is back

The Dave the Diver, released through G -Star 2018, was a representative work that symbolized Nexon’s newness at that time. It was introduced as a marine adventure game collaborated by Neople’s developer studio 42 and National Geographic. At the time of its release, it was expected to be a decent healing game thanks to the graphics and peaceful atmosphere that combined pixel art and 3D rendering.

The game originally announced its launch in 2019, but it was pushed by the child due to Nexon’s internal circumstances, and was forgotten from people’s memories. There were also reports that the project was died in the restructuring of Nexon. That Dave the Diver is back. Along with the sub -brand mint rocket, which is in charge of Nexon’s Little Project.

The Dave the Dive, which appeared in a short time, added a new element of operating sushi restaurants in the past marine exploration. It is still a game that symbolizes Nexon’s ‘newness’, but it’s a bit of a route. I was able to meet with Mint Rocket Hwang Jae -ho and listen to the details of what has happened.

Marine exploration and hunting, sushi restaurant Taikun’s harmony

Originally, Dave the Diver is a game developed for marine exploration. It was the main to see the ecosystem established by the crew while swimming slowly in the sea. There were stories such as meeting sharks in the middle, fighting and looking for civilizations left by the people who lived in the ancient sea.

It is different now. It has strengthened the battle of hunting fish in the existing marine exploration, and adds a new element of running a sushi restaurant with catching fish. During the day, they enter the sea and use harpoons and guns to collect sushi ingredients. In the past, there was a limited number of plays that could be seen as destroying nature, such as collecting behavior, as well as collaborating with National Geographic.

Hwang Jae -ho said, “At the time, the message was emphasized, so there was a constraint in game development, especially in terms of fun. The environmental protection was quickly approved, but the rest were not accepted. “It wasn’t fun to continue the game compared to the good evaluation I received from G -Star. I thought I could pursue what fun I could do without throwing away the elements I made in collaboration with National Geographic.” Nevertheless, he added a message related to environmental protection, such as a mission to solve the overfishing of dolphins.

The reason for the operation of the sushi restaurant was because I decided that it was better in terms of game. He said, “The existing sea game goes through all the stories in the sea. I watched the sea and solved several puzzles from the seabed. We thought it was important to make the stories of people on land. It is a space. At the end of the day, Dorando talks about the story of the drama, such as making a menu requested by special guests. I thought it was. ”

In addition, when you go to the sea, you will be commissioned by the intermediate marine biologists and archaeologists. In addition, it is possible to find the abandoned weapons, get the blueprint, collect the ingredients to upgrade various weapons. If you continue to proceed with the story, you can see the ancient civilization, and the level of wetsuits, harpoons, and oxygen tongs will increase, and the maritime can be explored, and the exploration time is longer.

Much richer and deeper content

The Dave the Dive, which I experienced in the field, has been richer as a whole. The marine exploration and fish hunting work in the underwater can be carried out twice a day, and if you use oxygen, you can explore up to 5 minutes even when the oxygen tank is not upgraded. In addition to harpoons, you can catch fish with melee weapons such as daggers and electric shock rods, and guns can be used. In the case of firearms, weak fish are fresh, but large or aggressive fish can be caught more easily by throwing harpoons with guns.

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In other words, the battle has been more diverse by choosing a weapon according to the type and situation. Hwang Jae -ho said, “I think it’s the most fun to fight the boss when playing the game. The previous Evil Factory was that. I thought it was difficult to save such elements when the healing concept was the main, so I changed the concept itself and put a variety of elements.” I explained.

The fish hunting itself was quite different from the mechanism of harpoon and firearms, and the blow was also good. In particular, when the harpoon is loaded, the burnt time is slowed down for a while, which can aim and fire the harpoon directly in the range of about 120 degrees. The scope of the aim is very limited, the aiming point is not clearly visible, and the speed of the harpoon is also required. The gun is not much different from this, so the process of fighting with sharks, including hunting, is detailed and deep. Director Hwang Jae -ho also said he was very concerned about harpoon hitting and manipulation, and explained that it would be good to enjoy the pad as it was a harpoon hunt.

The operation of the sushi restaurant in charge of dinner content is also richer than expected. There is no part to make sushi, but while managing tiredness, it runs quickly to deliver sushi to customers, manage menus with fish, and follow the car. In the meantime, there are many things to decorate and repair sushi restaurants. In addition, there is a story in the evening time, and it is naturally connected to the daytime content, such as going to catch rare fish during the day for the guests who order special menus.

Even though it is a short experience, it was impressed by the overall ‘much more fun’. However, there was a concern that the marine exploration and hunting, which can be called game main content, could end within 1 minute, and the overall content was not seen.

In response, Hwang Jae -ho said, “If you clear quickly, you can enjoy 20 hours, and if you enjoy all the elements slowly, you can enjoy it for more than 30 hours. The deep sea shipwreck and treasure hunt are implemented. Especially in the second half, there is a story story, so you can experience a deeper narrative. ”

He then said, “I think about 200 kinds of fish will be in the finals. There are only 10 guns, but in the final version, we will increase from 20 to 30. I made it and the response is good, so I’m going to start production. ” It is expected that the finished Dave the Dive will show the depth and volume.